Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damn It Again

OK this is starting to get really fucking old. I sure as hell hope I am holding out for the Main Event. There were a total of 114 runners. I never did catch how many people took the rebuy. I was not one of them. Early on I decided against it and went with what I had. 5k starting stacks, 40 minute levels and starting at 25/25. 18 people were paid.

I splashed around quite a bit early on. I played almost all of my pairs, three straight cards with a dangler, etc. It took quite a bit of my stack early on. I dropped down to around 3k after two levels. I believe I won exactly one pot. The table was split 50/50 on the number of people who knew how to play. When we got to the first break I had 3700 in chips. It was a good amount to take the rebuy if I wanted to but I decided to keep it and play the mega satellite later in the day if I busted.

Coming back from break playing 100/200 I 3bet shoved AJJ9 single suited. Original raiser folded (said he was trying to steal) and the person who flatted said "I'm behind but I have to call." I told him he is not that far behind, till he turned over A,10,9,5. Wow he is waaay behind. My hand holds and I get up to 8k. Shortly after that hand I was able to get it to just over 10k. Then I put the brakes on. I played a super nitty style. I don't think I voluntarily put money in the pot for well over an hour, probably closer to 90 minutes.

I was still sitting on around 9k when my our empty spots are filled and we have 59 people left. Kiwi G Graham Putt was moved to the table. I played with him at my starting table back in Macau a couple years ago. I needed to get a hand. I actually found two.

#1 - Playing 150/300 I have KQQ10sscc. There were two limpers and Kiwi pots it to 1650 and I flat. Flop comes AKJ. Bingo. He bets and I pot it all-in and he snap calls. OK I know he has AA then. He did. Turn brings a second heart giving him more outs. River bricks off and I get the double.

#2 - At 200/400 I get 9954 single suited and limp. I think we had 6-7 to the flop of 9,6,3 rainbow. Kiwi pots it from EP. I re-pot. One other player tanks for a good 4 minutes and folds. Kiwi goes into the tank and after about 2 minutes he folds 66 face up. First player to tank said he folded a wrap of 10,8,7,5. How do you fold that hand there? I think i shit it all-in. He said that he knew I had exactly 99 and didn't want to take a chance. When he folded he had 20k left. I don't think that is the right play. I think Kiwi's fold was easy after the other player tanked. he knew he had the wrap which made my hand look more and more like top set. After the hand I had 24k.

When we broke with 50 left I was moved to a much much tougher table. There was no limping at this table whatsoever. I was blinded down to around 20k when I saw a flop and then folded to a pot bet. My first leg was taken out when I potted pre with KQJ10ss and got 1 caller. Flop comes AQXhh. I bet near pot and was called again. Turn was a heart and I checked. He bet pot and I knew I was sunk. I folded and he showed me J8hh. FML. After the hand it left me with 11k.

I blinded down to around 9k and then played QJ66ss. In a limped 3-way flop it comes KJ7ss. in late pos potted it and I decided to go with it. He had J,7,XX. I whiffed and he boated on the river and I was done in 42nd. What's even worst was that I busted 30 minutes after the mega started.

So if you are keeping score I have played 18 hours over the last tournaments with zero to show for it. F...M...L.

I took a ton of pics of the Opera House and Harbor bridge today. I will probably post all of them up when I get back home. I'm just too lazy to do it now. The Poker Stars party is tomorrow at 7pm. No other plans besides that. I have to change hotels tomorrow. Maybe a showing for Booze Cruise and Skillz is in order.

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  1. G'Day Snuffy, we spoke when refunding our rebuys in the PLO Event about Derby Lane. Pleased that your having a great time Down Under and being well looked after. Good luck in the Main Event.

    PS If you don't make it through to Sunday, make sure to check out AFL live when the Sydney Swans are at home at the SCG, 1:10pm!