Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr Bubble

Skillz Stud - Out on money bubble
Mookie - Out after points bubble but 5 or 6 short of money
Brit - Out on money bubble
Skillz PLO8 - Out on money bubble
Mookie - Out on FT bubble, 2 off money


Last night I did nothing for an hour and a half. Won my race with 88 vs AQ. Tripled up when my KK held against 77 and JJ. Stagnated short handed moving to FT. Buddy picked up a hand in the BB when I shoved my 33 into his 99.

I feel like I am missing out here. I'm making good runs and coming up short. Am I playing too tight in the later stages and letting myself get too short? Am I just getting unlucky? Am I just an asshole? All of these and more could and probably are possible. I'm either going to start making some top 3's or going out 67th of 68, there can be no inbetween,

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