Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home Game Report

I played at Fasso's home game last night. We had 5 people (Chris, Scott, Gambit, Fasso and myself). I was even for the first couple of games called and the I called 2-7. On one of the first hands I was in the SB and it was folded to me. I had 9,9,9,A,J and decided to snow from the beginning. I raised and stood pat. I lead the whole way and was raised after the 3rd draw and had to bail.

After that it was a slow drain. I didn't win many hands and the ones I did were small pots. One in particular was vs Gambit when I rivered two pair and he rivered the set. That one hurt a bit. The other big hand was in NL when I had A,Q. I decided to limp and only the blinds played. The flop came Q,x,x. Fasso lead for $0.75 and I called. The turn brought the A bringing a second spade. HE lead for 3 and I flat called again. The river was a 3rd spade. Fasso lead for $10 and I raised to $30. HE thought for quite a while and called with the Qs4s. That's what I get for slow playing pre-flop. on the flop, and on the turn. I really didn't think a flush was in his range there since he lead the betting on the flop.

I think I was stuck as deep as $160 before I made a small comeback. Limit hold-em was called by Scott and the dog and pony show ensued between the two of us like it did last time. Two and three betting all the time. One time on I had 7,6 off in the BB and Scott raised UTG. Chris called and I called. Flop comes K,8,4. I check, Scott bets, Chris folds and I decide to peel saying "I'm gonna run you down." Well, I did. I hit the gutter ball on the turn and was able to put in a check raise which Scott called. The river was another K. I lead and Scott just called with the trip kings. Lucky peel by me.

In the last rotation on the night Omaha 8 was called. I picked-up hand after hand in this one and raised a good number of them. A,A,3,3 single suited. A,A,2,K double suited. You name it, I had it. The last hand of the night I have Ac,2d,3c,6d and I tow bet it and Gambit called. Heads up the flop comes Q,8,2cc. Gambit leads and I raise with my solid two way draw. The turn is the Kc and I have the nuts. Gambit check calls my bet. The river comes a 3 and its check, bet, call. I have nut nut and Gambit actually flopped top set. I think maybe a 3-bet would have been a better line for him on the flop in a heads-up pot but its hard to do that with no redraws (at least I don't remember him having one) except for the boat. After the turn card I think the hand plays pretty standard.

My late rally left me down $51 on the night. Not terrible considering how stuck I was.

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