Friday, May 30, 2008

Vegas Expectations

As of today I'm officially one week out from departure to Sin City, so I thought I'd write a little excerpt on what I'm looking for out there. This will be my first trip out there in 5 years without the wife. Usually this helps to curtail my instatiable poker appetite, which could be a bad thing. The last time that I went without her was before I played any poker so this marks the first trip with poker on the forefront. Shit this is a bad thing isn't it? Alright then WTF am I going to do? In honor of my wife I will make a list (cause she makes more thorough and comprehensive lists then anyone I know - read she organizes I do grunt work it's why we work well together). We'll check back on this list in a few weeks and see how I did.

List is in priority order.

1) Play both the Binion's PLO event on Sunday the 8th and the Caesar's OM8 event on Tuesday the 10th. I honestly don't care if these are the only two tournies I play. Yes I would like to sat into the WSOP PLO on Tuesday and if things go well then that is a suitable substitute.

2) Play some mediocum of poker at the Rio. This could be cash games but more then likely some STT's for lammers to get into the PLO on Tuesday. This is only a 1500 event so there is a shot there. Last year my Stud8 sat went down the tubes to the guy who kept calling completes with 9's showing so there are no unreasonable expectations here.

3) Play lots of 4/8 and 5/10 limit poker. OK, OK alot is unquantifiable. Let's see 5 days - tournament allotment time - minus drinking time - sleeping time. Let's say to log at least 25 hours at these limits for the trip. Seems reasonable.

4) Partake in many alcoholic beverages with a bevy of bloggers that I have never met. I am lucky enough to be spanning two blogger gatherings. The first wave with Columbo and Falstaff and the second wave with BamBam and friends. I like meeting new people and I like drinking. Hopefully this produces 2 solid nights at least of tossing back. If anyone is looking for a suggestion, I say the Piano Bar at NYNY. I've never had a bad time there and always end up shit-ty.

5) Eat an expensive piece of cow. Preferable warmed and still bleeding on the inside (that's medium rare for you hippy tree hugging vegetarians) [RANT] Animals are here for us to eat them because we are smarter then them and they taste good. Monkeys brains got bigger cause they ate meat so since I am smarter I eat meat, thank you for leaving more meat for me [/RANT]

6) Win (OK probably lose) some money in the pits. Ever since poker I don't play as much blackjack/pai gao/craps/whatever. It's fun to get back to that every now and then especially when at a table when people are winning and/or drunk. Let's try that.

Ok this seems like a sufficient list. We'll check back in 2 weeks and see how I did. Here's to meeting people I've never met and some I already have. Let's get drinks!


  1. See you there!

    I'll be the one in the pits, at Let it Ride, probably drunk and somewhere within a very short fall to the Geisha bar at the IP. Yeah for sure! I will definately be one of those 8 folks!