Sunday, May 11, 2008

Catching Up - More Live Play

After work on Friday I took the two mile drive over to Tampa Bay Downs to get in some live poker. I really need to play some more tournaments before Vegas comes up. I played in their $85 tournament ($40 buy-in,$40 add-on,$5 dealer bonus) and you start with 6k in chips. In the first hour (3 levels) I think I won two pots. One was with 5,3 from the blinds when I rivered a straight when the board was checked down till the end when I made a smallish bet and got called. The other hand was from the blinds again and I won a 4-way pot with king high. Woot! At the first break I had around 4k in chips.

In the second hour I won a total of one pot where I had to bluff at it with air. That was the extent of my pots won. I was knocked out in the 6th level (400/800/50) when I had 2600 in chips left. First card I saw in middle position was an ace and I shoved. The SB called with 3,3. My other card happened to be a 7. I bricked out and was bounced.

After that fun I hopped into a 1/2 NL game. The gave was uber loose passive. In the first 45 minutes I think I saw 3 pre-flop raises with tow of them being to $5. That's it. I was BS'ing with the guy to my right when I told him I was raising hte next hand no matter what I had from the SB. As usual 4 limpers to me and i have the A,7 and raise to $11, one of the EP limpers calls and everyone else folds. Flop comes A,J,8hh. I lead for $15 and get called fairly quickly. I put him on a flush draw. The turn is an off-suit 4. I go for the check raise and he bets $15. I have $52 behind and raise it to $45 leaving just $7 behind. He thinks and calls. I bet the rest dark when the off-suit 7 hits giving me two pair. He calls and table A,Q. Wow. How bad did he play this hand pre-flop and on the flop? He limps with A,Q in EP and then flat calls a raise with 3 other people to act behind him. HE then hits his flop and doesn't raise me. IF he pops me on the flop I think it is an easy fold for me. I gave him a bad beat story to tell at least.

I ended up leaving the table up $90 because my name was called for a $65 SNG. I wanted to play one of these cause I need to get back in the habit of playing them to be prepared for the STT's at the WSOP. You get 2000 in chips and 10 minute levels when you give the dealer a $5 bonus (instead of 1500). Great racket for the dealers. I played pretty standard and worked my stack up to 4k with 5 left. There was one person with a higher stack than me at that point. I knocked out 5th when a SS shoved into my BB when I had K,K and now me an the other guy were getting close in chips with two other short stacks. One of the SS guys tripled up. When we knocked out the bubble boy the stacks were fairly close (9k, 7k me and 4k) After a couple hands we were all close in chips and decided to chop it up 3 ways. I had the lead and was by far the best player at the table but I had to get out of there and pick my son up.

All told I ended up winning a little over $100.

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