Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Niagara Falls Again

I flew in yesterday morning for a couple days of work and am staying at the Seneca Niagara Casino. I got to the tables at around 7:30 last night playing some $1/$2 $200 max. It was a new table and I sat on my hands watching the play for the first two laps before I finally got a playable hand. I had A,K on the button and raised it to $12 after 4 limpers. Two of them called and we saw a flop of 10,6,3 rainbow. It was checked to me and I bet $15 and got one caller. The turn was a 9 and it went check check. River 8 check check and I have the winner. The other player had 4,2 off. Nice hand maam.

I literally didn't pick-up a hand or play many hands for the next two hours. I bled all the way down to $85 and re-bought for another $100. I killed that down to $98 before I won my 2nd hand of the night when I called a pre-flop raise of $12 with 7c6c. 3 handed to the flop of 6,3,2 the pre-flop raiser c-bets to $40. I ship it in and it goes fold fold and I win.

Not much else happens till about 2 laps before I leave. I get Ad,Qc in late position and call a pre-flop raise of $12. Four handed to the flop of Ac,Jc,4h the raiser makes it $25 to go and I call. The turn is the 10c. The raiser open shoves having me covered (I have around $125 left). Soooo many outs, what to do. I end up calling and the raiser had A,10 for the turned two pair. I hit the King in the river to win the pot and two laps later cash out for $343 good for a $43 profit after 3 hours.

The game was an interesting one. The standard raise was to $12. There was a good mix of loose players and nits. No chance to play tonight because of CHIMPS and the Blogger Skill Series. I should get an extended session in tomorrow though.

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