Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Poker Skillz

Snuffy invited me to play in the blogger skillz HORSE MTT a couple weeks ago while we were playing CHIMPS. I had a serious poker jones so I said, "What the hell!" After the first break he told me that if I made the final table I would have to blog about it. Well, I made the FT, but didn't blog about. I really can't recall hands like most people. Maybe I just suck at poker. I remember when people suck out on me, but rarely when I suck on them. That had to of happen a few times for me to build the stack that I had, because I was the chip leader for most of the tourney and finished 7th.

On to last night. I wanted to play the CHIMPS "crack smoking" event $1 NLHE Rebuy. I think I went off for at least 10 rebuys and the addon. I signed up for the PLHE Blogger Skillz, too. We got a 3K stack and I was patient. I had Snuffy to my immediate left to keep me inline, too. He was getting upset with me after he through away a couple small pairs to my opening raise in late position. We got involved in a pot HU when he was in the SB and I was on the button. I raised with AJ of hearts and he called with I think the 84 with the 4(d). The flop came 10, 8, x all diamonds. I CB 1/2 pot, he called. The turn brought the A(d). I fired again and Snuffy asked how big my diamond was and I said big enough, he folded.

I floated around 8k in chips for a long time. I got a stack, then reraised Chippy McStacks in late position with KK. He pushed his stacked in and I called, he had (I think) KJ with one diamond. He rivers a flush. I was back to 6K in chips. I make it to the FT with 15K in chips. After folding several marginal hands and am dealt AA after the break. The CL bets pot and I repot all-in. He calls and has JJ?. I double up, but end up finishing a respectable fifth. So two skillz MTTs and two final tables. Beginners Luck.

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