Monday, May 12, 2008

Home Game and Race for the Hundy

Before the monthly home game on Saturday we had the Race for the Hundy. One of the co-hosts and a part time host competed in a 1 mile match race for $100. I shot the video. A lot of the comments received back so far are "Glad there was music put in, otherwise I would have fallen asleep." Can't agree more. Congrats to Cosenza for winning and to Fasso for competing even knowing that he was going to lose. Buy out next time!

No a whole lot of excitement in the home game. We played the usual 2/4 and NL or PL games were .25/.25 (some capped, some not). I built up a little in the early going as high as $140 from my original $100. Most of that was from a couple 2-7 hands. When 3:00 rolled around I was still up around 20 and I multi-tabled online at the same time . I was playing a couple of freerolls for my neighbor. I busted out early from one but lasted bast the break in the other. The latter was for a WSOP seat and I ended up finishing 400 something out of 1300.

After that lack of concentration I was down around $40 for the day. I made a rally late and posted a whopping profit of $6 on the day, not even enough to cover the pizza we ordered. There was really only one interesting hand on the day that I can remember. We were playing 5 card stud (zzzzzzzzzz) when I had the (J)Q. Fasso completed with the A showing and I was the only caller. On 3rd street I caught a K and Fasso a low card (7 maybe). I bet out, he raised and I 3-bet and he called. 4th gave me a 10 (j,q,k,10) and Fasso caught another baby. I bet and he called. 5th street I hit an 8 (read: nothing) and Fasso caught another unpaired card. I bet. Fasso thought for a second and folded. I showed the bluff and raked a decent pot. In order for this play to work the first ingredient is to pull it on a person that is capable of folding. Fasso is capable of making the fold so I thought it was a good spot. Probably won't get away with that one again though.

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