Thursday, May 15, 2008

CHIMPS and Blogger Skills

Tuesday night was the start of CHIMPS. We had a disappointing turnout of only 14 people (yes I will get the standings updated soon). I kinda had a feeling that the attendance would be down. We took two weeks off and counting the low turnout for the championship event that makes 4 weeks between events for most of the people. If the attendance stays down this year I will probably kill the series at the end of season three.

With a double stack of 3000 chips I picked-up A,K suited on the first and and 3-bet from the blinds. The board bricked out and I was down to 2300 right off the bat. I treaded water for the next hour or so never getting higher than the starting stack. Down to the final table I had it as high as 3200 at one point. With around 10x the BB I was in pushbot mode. With 7 left I finally got and K,J ran into A,10 and I was out.

At the same time as CHIMPS the Blogger Skill Series event was HOE. Perfect. There were 67 runners so you had to make the final two tables to get points. I increased steadily early and eventually the blinds caught up and I was a short stack. I would tread water in Holdem and Omaha8 and the clean up in Stud8. Someone commented on my Stud8 skills during the final few tables. Damn it, how do they know that. I was short with 24 people left and shipped it in during Omaha8 and was busted in 24th.

I stayed up and raised Snarf and wvapoker who were still alive. Snarf ended up bowing out in 12th place. He was a short stack for a long time and with 3 tables left was able to get a key double-up or two to make it deep. wva with around 40 people left won a couple huge pots including eliminating two people in one hand was had the chip lead. He held on to the chips and made it to the final table before being eliminated in 7th place. Congrats on the finish in his first blogger tournament. Hopefully look for him to put up a guest post the next few days.

Cash games yesterday were a disaster but I ended up breaking even for the day. Look for that post plus a border crossing story tomorrow.

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