Friday, May 16, 2008

Cash Play

I got two sessions on Wednesday. Both were 1/2 200 max tables. In the first session I won a total of one pot in three hours. Thats right, one fuckin' pot. When I was down to $100 I re-bought for another hundy. I found all new ways to lose with A,K (suited and off) I shoved, I raised, I limped. In total I had A,K around 10 times on the day and won with it a total of two times. Down to my last $37 I shoved with it and received 3 callers. I ended up with the four flush and got the quadruple-up. Those chips were short lived and I ended the first session down around $300 after 4 1/2 hours.

I decided to go over to Canada and play the 5/5 NL game at Fallsview. One unfortunate thing is that my co-worker was not allowed into Canada. After we were standing there for five minutes I knew that his DUI thing was going to come up. We had to go over to another building where we sat for another 20 minutes before he got called up. Five minutes later we were walking back to the US. I could have went on but fuck it, I will play back at Seneca.

After dinner I sat down for another 5 hour session. This was one hell of a rollercoaster session. 200 to 350 to 150 to 350 to 100 to 250 to zero. I was constantly making big hands followed by massive coolers. I have to admit that I really did not play well. Why I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it was lack of sleep the night before, I don't know. In total on the day I lost $500.

One good side note is that when I lost the $200 it was 1am and the game was about to break so I didn't re-buy. To blow off some steam I played in the casino. Playing 4 card poker I ran $120 into $725 in less than an hour and actually had a profitable trip. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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