Monday, May 26, 2008

The Plan for Vegas

Before I get to that I will do a quick recap of my last live session. I played a quick 90 minute 1/2 cash session the other day. I decided to play a little tighter than normal. I flopped sets twice, jacks and 9's, by limping in pre. With the jacks I check called a flop bet and check raised the turn. I shoved on the fiver for about 1/2 the pot and the other player folded. I was in position for the 9's and called the flop. The other player shoved the turn when he hit an underset. There were two other mildly interesting hands, once with QQ and once with 1010 where I was able to lose the minimum. I ended the session up $69.

Now the Vegas plans. I am getting in June 6th late in the afternoon, too late to play any tournaments that day. The bloggers are planning on playing mixed games that night at the MGM. I may stop by and do that but I definitely want to get in a single table sat or so over at the Rio. I am planning on playing in a tournament a day. At least that's the plan. If I am running good in other things such as cash games or single table sats I may change it up. Here is the plan though:

6/7 - Binions $150 NLHE Shootout
6/8 - Binions $150 PLO
6/9 - WSOP $1500 NLHE Shootout or Caesars $225 NLHE
6/10 - Binions $200 NLHE or Caesars $225 O8B
6/11 - Binions $150 Razz
6/12 - Some NLHE Event (Caesars, Binions, Golded Nugget or Venetian)
6/13 - WSOP $1500 Razz or some NLHE Event

Also sprinkled in one or two of those night I am going to play a mega satellite or two for the main event depending on how long I last in the tournaments. The megas start at 9pm each night. 2/5 NL will probably be non-existent for me when I am there this year. I will be sticking to the 1/2 games around town.

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