Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Have I Learned Today

When the Opie and Anthony radio show was still on the free airwaves they used to close the last 10 minutes of each show taking calls for "What I learned today". I figure that this is an appropriate way to make my first post after a brief hiatus. So after 2 weeks off from work for the Mrs and I to make our virgin attempt at child rearing, here's what I've learned.

1) Desire to play poker and deal with online monkeys is directly proportional to the amount if sleep achieved on a given night. When she was still in the hospital the first week and I slept at home the first 2 nights, I used the hospital's free internet to play while her and the chitlin slept. The second week when we were all home, I could give a fuck and I don't think I even turned on the laptop for 3 days.

2) Having a sleeping child on your chest makes it harder to go on super monkey tilt. Notice I did say not impossible, cause it can still happen, but it is harder and you dare not move when it happens. Which may lead to a heart attack for me by internalizing this anger but we'll see. It is, however, near impossible to throw remotes, pillows or anything else in the danger zone in this condition.

3) Bad beat takes a new meaning when you play and SNG and get peed on at the same time. Then when you bubble, you feel alot worse. The caveat here is that when you miss hands to change the diaper and the outfit, sometimes it benefits you. Other times you fold KK before you can react. Catch 22 there.

4) After poker breaks you and you are on super monkey tilt, a happy child can chase that away. Just don't make the mistake of going back to poker, cause you'll be miserable again in 2.3 seconds. It's usually then that sed child will start screaming for no reason thereby doubling the cumulative effect of the poker bad beat.

I did play a little last night with Zooks. Some of her favorite PLHE. Ended up down a little on the night, but took some terrible beats on the river. Sans those beats I could have been up a coupla buyins. Tonight is AIPS that I am registered to play so I will probably play Riverchasers as well since it is at the same time. We'll see how that goes.

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