Saturday, May 3, 2008

WSOP Mega Satellites

The WSOP has announced the structure for all of their mega satellites into the Main Event. They are having daily $300 (Mon-Thu) and $500 (Fri-Sun) megas at 3pm. At 9pm the have the $1000 nightly megas. The structure is as follows:

$300 - 2k in chips - 1 seat for every 34.4 players
$500 - 4k in chips - 1 seat for every 20.7 players
$1000 - 6k in chips - 1 seat for every 10.4 players

The structure is the same in all of them (30 minute rounds)
and so on

It can also be seen by clicking here.

The structures look pretty standard. If they do not have enough people they give all of the money to 1st place. I highly doubt they will give away any seats during the $300 megas. I am guessing that by the end of the first week they will switch all of them to $500's.

I am planning on setting aside between $1000 and $1500 to play one table satellites and trying to get into 2-3 of the $1k megas. I think if I can get into three of them I have a decent shot at taking one of em down for a seat. Now I just have to remember how I did back in '06 and improve just a little bit. I wouldn't even mind bubbling and getting some cash, as long at its over $5k.

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