Saturday, May 24, 2008

Double BOOM (continued)

Riverchasers was going on at the same time as AIPS so I played that one as well. I final tabled and finished this one in 7th two weeks ago. There were 88 runners and only the final table got paid. On the very first hand I limp UTG with A,K. It folds to the CO who raises to 155 and its folded back to me and I shove and he folds. OK I have a great image now cause the next hand in the BB I get a walk, woot! I also won the 3rd hand hitting top pair.

The deck continued to hit me hard for the first hour. I flopped a set, flopped trips and had A,A all in the first 15 minutes of the tournament. I already had my stack up to 5000. The last 45 minutes before the break were "uneventful" as I only flopped a set of kings, a set of jacks and hit trip jacks on the river. At the first break I had 6600.

At the 80/160 level a MP player open shoves for 3600 and I am in the CO with K,K. I called and he showed AKdd. The board didn't improve him and now I was up to 9500. At the 100/200 level I was on the button with A10cc and limped to see a 4-way flop of 10,6,2 rainbow. The BB shoved for 1900 and I called. He had 10,7 and I hung on to win the pot and increase the stack to 12k.

About a dozen hands later I flop the nut flush vs the nut straight to won some more chips:

After that hand I fold for about the next 15 minuted until I get A,A UTG and raise to 800 when playing 150/300. A short stack shoves 1800 with J,J and I accumulate some more chips when the board bricks.

Leading up to the final table I don't get involved in anything too interesting and the starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: NumbBono (10,075)
Seat 2: SirFWALGMan (13,294)
Seat 3: scottc25 (23,309)
Seat 4: wwonka69 (49,872)
Seat 5: dwal78 (74,710)
Seat 6: NCDeaton (20,550)
Seat 7: Astin (21,984)
Seat 8: PirateLawyer (38,425)
Seat 9: lightning36 (11,781)

Final table play was pretty standard. Raise and a 3-bet shove were the norm. We were down to 7 people before i played a significant pot. At 600/1200 I raised to 4000 with K,K. I was put all-in and called. He had 9,9 and I got the double up to 46,000, Here were the stacks:

Full Tilt Poker Game #6526903538: Riverchasers Online Tour (49262698), Table 8 - 600/1200 Ante 150 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:54:20 ET - 2008/05/22
Astin: gg - Oh he said this way too early. Down to 600 at 600/1200.
Seat 1: NumbBono (9,600)
Seat 3: scottc25 (46,468)
Seat 4: wwonka69 (46,409)
Seat 5: dwal78 (106,348)
Seat 6: NCDeaton (18,050)
Seat 7: Astin (600)
Seat 8: PirateLawyer (36,525)

The next 50 hands or so it went raise and take it and I stayed pretty even in chips. Astin made one hell of a comeback and was the chip leader with 4 people left when this sick hand goes down:

Wow I just walked into a top 2 after that hand. Heads-up here were the chip counts:

Seat 3: scottc25 (63,336)
Seat 7: Astin (200,664)

We played fairly small in the beginning of heads-up seeing a lot of flops. About 15 hands into heads-up I got the double-up hand:

From there it was downhill for me. The very next hand I lost around 13k when I had to dump A,K on the river. I lost a big pot with I flopped 2nd pair and thought it was good when the board paired on the turn. Nope, he had trips and I lost 40k in that pot which set-up the final pot of the tourney:

2nd Was good for $170 something .I really would have liked to get that freeroll seat. I could have picked a better spot to shove at the end though. At least wait till I am holding top pair to make that play. Oh well, live and learn.

With only 5 more events left in BBT3 I am going to have to play all of them to have a shot at the May leaderboard. I am in 27th and way behind. I would pretty much have to FT all of them. GG me. Just try and get a win in the remaining events for the TOC.

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