Friday, May 23, 2008

Thats Not How Its Supposed To Go

I took Thursday afternoon off and decided to get another live tournament in. Here was the structure:

$60 buy-in for t2000
$5 dealer toke for t1000
$20 re-buy (if under t2000) for t2000
$20 add-on for t3000

In the early going I tried to see some flops for free and whiffed every time. About the beginning of level 3 I had to do a re-buy. A couple hands later I limped with presto for 200 and one player raised to 800. I called to see a 10,5,2 flop. I called his shove and my hand held vs his J,J. I didn't play any more hands before the break and with the add-on I was up to 11k at the break.

First hand back from the break at 200/400/25 I limped from EP with 65hh. Only the big blind was left who raised to 1200 and I called. Flop comes K,10,6. Check check and the turn was a 5. Check Check. The river was a 9. He checked and I bet 1500. He called and showed the A,10. Down to 8k. The next hand I get 65cc and raise it up to 1300. I get 5 CALLERS to see the flop of J65ss. I lead for 3500. Next to act who has me covered shoves. Next player shoves with 4800 and the next with 4500 shoves. No way I can lay this down and I call. Big stack has AJss. Next player has QJ and the last one has 5,5. oh fuck me. Turn is a Q and the river a blank. Four all-ins and nobody is eliminated. After the hand I am sitting on 4200.

In the 300/600/50 level I shove my 5x stack from the SB and win the blinds. Next hand I get A,J. One limper, I shove, one of the blinds shoves and the limper calls. Blind has K,10 and the other has A,9. Flop K,9,x and I am done. Not the way its supposed to work.

Riverchasers and AIPS coming up next. Give me a few....

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