Saturday, August 30, 2008

$5 MTT on PokerStars

It's Saturday and I decide to fire up PokerStars since Full Tilt has been treating me like a fugly step-child.

Late registration is open for a $5 MTT and, like the idiot I swear I won't be, I register.

Shockingly, the play is horrible.  People ship it with any pair, AK and AQ.  Mind you this tournament starting stack is 3000 chips not the usual 1500.  I get moved to another table full of people that have already doubled up.  Sigh.

My swan song:

Click through to see flash hand replayer.
All that time spent dragging the laptop and all my crap down to the basement to settle in for an afternoon of playing this donkament seems somehow wasted.  Poker can kiss my ass.

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