Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Streak is Over

The streak at Tampa Bay Downs is over. I did get in one more session before the streak was over. When I got to the track there was going to be only one table of 1-2 going so I sat at the "rock" table. Most of the table is a bunch of older regulars who play every single day. It is an extremely tight table and one that I usually don't want to play. However, I just didn't feel like waiting to get the other table going. I played for a total of 2 hours with a profit of $34 and left. I never got many hands and was lucky to win what I did.

On Sunday I played the Pokerslut Tour which was limit hold-em. My starting table of 6 had Instant Tragedy, predator6 and a new player that was just about as aggressive, and Zerb. On the first hand my A,Q lost to Zerb's A,J and it was downhill from there. I ended up finishing 11th out of 12th and all but eliminated my chances of winning the season title.

On Monday I saw my streak end at Tampa Bay Downs. I lost the first $100 when I check-raised the turn when I hit the flush but my opponent was holding the nut flush. Reload. My next $100 was a slow burn and I gradually added to my stack along the way and was in for another $100. I finally picked-up a hand against one of the numerous horrid players at the table getting my stack to $225.

In the game there was one really really bad player. He got very lucky against the same younger kid twice. The kid felt the need to berate his play enough to where the guy now started playing tighter. How many times do people have to learn that you just don't do that shit. Make comments to yourself or your neighbors all you want. Just don't do it so he can hear you. I was able to get into a pot with said horrid player. I had X,4 in a limped pot when the flop came Q,4,4. He leads for $10. I know 150% that he is holding the Q and we will probably give me another $100 throughout the hand holding top pair. I just called. The turn was the motherfuckin cock-smokin Q. Fuckin two outer. I called the last two streets for some unknown reason and saw his Q.

A little later in the session the dude who put in $60 with the Q,4 off from a couple posts ago sat. When this guy limps in pre-flop you can raise just about any amount because he is just not folding. I was in the BB with 10,10 and he limped UTG. someone in late position made it $5 there were a couple callers and I made it $20 to go. He called leaving $40 behind (as usual he just had to reload for another $60) and everyone folded. Flo comes 9,x,x. I put him in for his last $40 and he calls showing Q,9. Turn Q. Fuck me. After that hand I'm down to $100 again. I really played poorly after that and ended up leaving after three hours stuck a total of $275.

It's amazing that when I have just one bad session in the last 8 or 9 that I can tilt so much and be so pissed off. I mean its only one session. Probably a contributing factor is that I have had to use the profits to buy stuff around the house and pay bills so virtually none of it had gone into the poker account. Within a week I had to have Reece's tubes removed, wife's root canal and a dead fridge. Bye bye profit.

Monday night I played the inaugural Live Poker Radio Tour event. It was a $10 NLHE event that is taking over for the MATH. I had Bam Bam at my first table and was able to double through him when I called his min-raise with Q,10. I flopped the open ender and hit on the turn to double through his top top. About 1/2 hour in I decided to play for 2/3 of my stack pre-flop with A,Khh vs QQ and lost. I bled down from there and made a button shove with 7,4 off that ran into aces and I was done less than an hour in. I was able to make a profit on the night though playing some 1/2 HORSE so it wasn't a total loss.

Tuesday I decided that I needed a break from the live cash games and decided to play a donkament. $50 buy-in and 4k in chips with 15 min levels and 48 runners. Top 5 were paid. I usually splash around in these things early but that day I decided to nit it up big time. I won a total of one hand in the first hour and a half. I really had no playable hands whatsoever. When the blinds were at 300/600 I had 2200 from the SB and shoved. I hit the 2:1 dog hand was got the double. I make it down to the last two tables still as the massive short stack. With 12 people left and 4k in chips playing 600/1200 I shoved over a raise with A,3 hh and was able to double through A,10. I was ble to get one more double with A,K vs A,6 when we broke for the final table.

There was 2-3 short stacks starting the final table. One lap in I put the BB in for his last 3300 playing 800/1600 from the SB and he called with A,2. I had the 9,6dd. Flop comes 3,4,5. I rivered the 7 to knock him out. I really did him dirty in the tourney. My 2:1, 3 outer and that one were all against him. I was blinding down but was able to get two big doubles and was sitting on 27k with 1k/2k blinds when we hit the bubble. We all agreed to throw in $20 for 6th place. The very next hand I have 8,8 UTG and raise to 6k. One guy with the same stack shoves. He sure looked like he was ready to give up when we made the save for the bubble. Knowing it probably was a flip I called and he had K,Q. A K in the door sealed my fate and I was eliminated and took the $100. If I win that one I'm at 57k and in 1st or 2nd place ready to make a deep run.

Last night was CHIMPS NLHE and Pauly's 5th anniversary tourney both on Stars. I got lots of hands in Pauly's tourney like mid-pairs and missed every time. I bled down and was out fairly early. CHIMPS had a only 11 runners tonight. I drew the 5 handed table to start. I had a ton of hands early and was able to chip up to around 1800 without any major pots in the first 20 minutes. When we reached the final table I think I was sitting on around 3k.

I pretty much hung on at the final table maintaining my stack. Deadmoney5 was eliminated in 5th the last hand before the final break when his top 2 rain into bottom set. We started hour 2 four handed between everyone on the Skype call, Zooks, Gambit, NZGreen and myself. We played 4 handed for a little over 1/2 hour. When we were 3 handed I still had around 3500 or so. I doubled through Zooks with a weaker ace to make it a 3-way race. Zooks pulled ahead again and held the chip lead when me and Gambit got into a hand.

Blinds were 200/400 and I called a raise to 1000 from the BB with 6,6. Flop comes 6,5,3. Gambit leads pretty much committing him to the hand. I shoved and he called with A,A and was eliminated in 3rd. I held a 9k/6k lead going into heads-up. We didn't play too long when I shoved over a raise with A,5ss vs Zooks J9ss. I turned the A and I was able to get my 2nd straight CHIMPS win and take over the points lead with two events to go.

Off to DC this morning. If I get back to the hotel early enough tonight I am going to try and play the Reed Poker Open and then maybe the Mookie later depending on how tired I am. Scott's home game is Saturday.


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  1. Bragging about doubling through that Bam-Bam guy, is like telling the world you're a vegetarian. There's just no meat to it!

    Good to see you at the tables again! No matter how short a time it was for me.