Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biloxi Day 3 - Giving Some Back

Day three did not go as well as day two, that's for sure. Before the first poker of the day I did some random gambling:

Wheel of Fortune Slots ($40)
Video Poker ($20)

I also switched hotels in the morning as my two free days were up and I didn't feel like spending $200 for a single night. Free room at the Residence Inn time. On the way back to the Beau Rivage I decided to stop and see what Noon tournament the IP was spreading. It was a $50+$10 NHLE with 3k in starting chips. If you play between 8am and 11am they give you an extra 1k in chips to start. Too much of a handicap there so I passed.

I went back to the Beau Rivage and signed-up for their $130 tourney at Noon. Good structure with 10k in chips to start and 20 minute levels. They also added in a couple of levels early like 150/300/25 which was nice to see. I saw Johnny Grooms walking around before the tourney. Hadn't seen him since Tunica last year although I did see "Big Red" the satellite lady from Tunica out in Vegas this year.

As far as the tournament went it was a disaster. The first hand I played I flopped an OESD and had to pay a nearly pot-sized bet on the flop to see the turn and was blown out of the pot by an oversized bet on the turn. In the second level I called a 3x raise with K,9hh in MP. Flop comes K,x,xhh. I lead for 2/3 of the pot and get raised. I call. Turn bricks and I have to call another hefty raise. River bricks and I dump the hand to a shove. After that hand I was short with around 3k in chips. A few hands later the works player on the table raised to 1400 playing 00/200 and I called with the A,J. Flop comes out J,x,x. He leads and I shove. I get the snap call and he tables Q,Q. He actually had a hand that time compared to his last two raises of A,7cc and K,Q. I brick and am out in the 3rd level. Well worth the $130. GG me.

While waiting to head over the the Isle of Capri I did some more random gambling. Pai Gow hates me:

Pai Gow ($100)
Casino War ($20)

We headed over to the Isle of Capri and got there by 2:50. They had a $30 tourney with $20 rebuys starting at 3pm. Why not, I signed-up. There were four tables in the tourney and the players were mainly terrible, with the exception of a couple locals who knew what they were doing. There was one player who didn't have a fold button. He called down with 3rd and 4th pair so much it was unbelievable. His had was good a few times and when he was behind he would hit two pair on the end. He was by far the biggest lucksack I ran into the whole trip. Starting with 4k in chips I had it up to 10k before the break without a re-buy. I took the $20 add-on for another 6k in chips.

After the break I lasted exactly 3 hands. Playing 300/600/100 I called a raise to 1800 with the K,Qhh along with the lucksack dude. Flop comes K,Q,9. Pre-flop raiser shoves for around 12k, lucksack calls and I re-ship for 14k and he calls again. I was up against K,J and 9,9. Fuck me. I was just thinking earlier in the day I haven't run ito a set all week. What a time for that to happen. If I win that pot I am sitting on 46k and by far the chip leader. Oh well, at least it was only $50 invested.

I threw my name down on the 4/8 poo flinging list and was called fairly quickly to a new game. In the game I would win one decent pot and then lose the next. I hovered around my starting stack of $100 for a long time. After about 2 hours I had a nice little run and won 6 out of about 15 hands to build up to $200. I bled back down over the next 2 hours or so and ended leaving with a $20 profit.

Now it's 9pm and my flight is at 6:30. I decided to put in a couple more hours at the Hard Rock $1/$2 game. I lost the first half of my starting stack of $200 when I ran into a set and then the last half holding K,Q again on a flop pf K,Q,J to someones 10,9.

All in all not a bad trip. I came home with a very small profit after expenses. I will have to add everything up this afternoon and see what the final tally is. Note to self, stay in the cash games. Only that one losing cash game session at the end.

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