Monday, August 25, 2008

The Silks

I got in another session at the track and I'm happy to report its still the same. I got their when the place opened and we had a full 9-handed game. In the early going I see the guy in Seat 1 play a hand his way.

There was one limper and seat 1 limps from the button. The small blind completes and the big blind checks his option. Flop comes K,Q,3. The BB leads for $10 and seat 1 calls. The turn brings the 4 and the BB leads for $10 again and seat one calls again. The river brings the 5 and again the BB leads for $10 and seat one calls yet again. Seat one rolls over A,A and its good. How could this Mook play this hand any worse than he actually did? He said he was worried about the straight on the end. Does he really think the dude could have a straight betting every street? Genius! So many mistakes here its sick. One limper to him and he limps on the button. I'll just stop right there.

About 3 hands after that one goes down I'm UTG and raise it to $12 with Ks,Kd and get seat 1 calling along with one other. Flop comes Q,6,Xdd. I lead for $15 and seat one is the only caller. Turn is the Xd. I lead for $25 and he calls. The river pairs the 6. I was gonna shut it down till the board paired. I fired $25 again and he called and showed 95dd. WTF?!? First he calls UTG+1 with that trash (but its soooooted). Then when he makes his hand he calls. After that hand I was down to about $30.

The hand that took the rest of my money I had AdJc. I called a bet on the flop of A,X,Xccc. Turn was the Kc giving me the second nuts. EP led for $20 and next to act called. I shoved for $26ish and was called by the EP. Next guy asked if he could raise. Shit, I'm dead. River paired the board and I was up against the Qc and the river brought the otter guy quad 6's. Reload time.

After that I was a bit tilty but I was able to win a couple pots and after the two hour session I had it up to $318 for a $118 win. Playing was really strange today. After I got the second hundred to around $150 I was playing like I was on coke or something (or in my case dies mountain dew). I was fidgety, talking fast, etc. Strange for me. Dunno where that came from but I guess it works for me.

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