Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pokersluts, CHIMPS and the $5 Rule

I wish this post would be able to live up to the title bit I am sure I will fall woefully short. Sunday night was PLO for the Pokerslut Tour. I was really short most of the way never getting anything remotely playable. I was super short heading into the final table. My double-up happened courtesy of a faulty connection for Clovis. I had flopped the nut flush draw and called a bet and had around t415 behind/ I missed on the turn and called a t300 bet. I missed on the river and Clovis ever so slowly timed out. I bet and he was folded. He then mentioned that he had the nuts when he reconnected. Yep, very lucky. If he was able to bet on the end I would of had to fold the lovely no pair ace high leaving 115 left to play.

When we got to the bubble of 5 people clovis had around 16k and the next closest was around 2k good for 2:1 lead. He could pot it pre-flop with anything and the rest of us would have to a) pick up a hand and b) hope it held. The bubble burst when Zerb called from the SB for 100 more and Clovis raised to 600 and Zerb called. Flop comes J,x,x with two clubs. Zerb checks, Clovis bets around the pot of 1200 and Zerb CRAI for around another 1200. Clovis calls with KK,x,x with two clubs. Zerb has JJxx for top set. The turn gives Clovis a second flush draw and he rivers the K to knock Zerb out on the bubble. Thats where it gets interesting.

Zerb goes on his rant about how terrible the play is. He told Clovis to "learn how to fold". Ok, so he is supposed to fold KKxx and the second nut flush draw to a check raise of 1200 more? He was getting 4:1 on a call when. if you put Zerb on a set, you have around 10 (9 flush cards less 1 club that could pair the board and two kings) outs or about 40%. Yeah, that would be a great fold there.

I ended up busting in 3rd place when I got my money in with top two which turned into top three on the turn but lost to the rivered flush. For not getting anything resembling a playable hand I was happy with the result.

Last night was CHIMPS HORSE. We had 13 runners. In the first go round of LHE I was dwindled to around 1100 and in next to last place. O8, Razz and Stud were good to me however and I moved to 2100 and 2nd place. After that I did a slow burn into the 1200 range when we reached the final table. I last more in LHE but was able to build it back in O8 and razz again. Down to 6 people and LHE again and I got a 3-bet in with 10,10. Flop comes J,x,x and I got my last two bets in and was way behind against Q,J and busted. I will take a 16 point lead into the final event trying to make it back-to-back seasons for me.

I have still been playing a lot of 2-7 on Stars. I deposited $100 and have played only 2-7 since the deposit. My goal is to make a whopping $5 per day there. I have since moved up to the 0.50/1 game where it is really easy to make the requisite $5 per day. I guess I should change it to the $10 per day rule. So far every day has reached that goal. I had one really interesting hand on Monday night when I was dealt the 7,5,4,3,2 vs an aggressive opponent. I have played with him quite a bit so far. He makes a ton of raises pre-draw and keeps the pressure on. I was able to 3-bet him and he capped it. I stood pat and he drew one. I bet and he called. He drew one again and I lead the betting. After the raising war it was capped. He stood pat and we got in another round of capped betting. I showed the wheel and he had a 7,6.

So far in this little experiment I have shown a profit of around $50. I am well on my way to getting enough for the Auckland APPT satellite. Maybe I should just keep playing this though and eff the donkaments.

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  1. You forgot the part where you haven't been around long enough to know Clovis OR me, and that you don't know that he and I go back a LONG way (hard to believe, but history really doesn't begin with you) or that we've been teammates and opponents a huge number of times, and so while I was just busting balls AND HE KNEW THAT, there was absolutely no way YOU could understand what was going on - but you just can't stay the fuck out of other people's shit for the life of you whether or not your comments are relevant or of interest to anyone.

    Might want to put that whole Clueless Poker Policeman part in there, just for clarity.