Saturday, August 16, 2008


Figured I would throw a pic of the mini Bellagio up, the Beau Rivage. I will be leaving Wednesday afternoon for the Beau for three nights of poker. My plan is to just play 1/2 and maybe a smaller daily tournament or two.

Back to the topic of this blog post, failure. Seems like I have been doing nothing but fail in the last few days. On my way back from Orlando I made a little detour to the Hard Rock to play some 1/2. It took me about two hours to burn through $100. I had a ton of straight and flush draws but missed every one. Half the people in the game were giving their money away. Unfortunately, I was one of them.

I had Gambit's home game last night and for all the money I won the Saturday before, I gave almost all of it back. I ended down $100 for the night. My first buy-in of $40 lasted a little while. The one big bot that started the downward trend was limit holdem. I had JJ and 3-bet Scott's raise. Flop comes something like 9,7,4. I lead, he calls. Turn hits his gutterball and we get 3 bets in on the turn and I just call the river. After that I really, really, really played bad. No excuses, just bad. I would be calling raises in 2-7 with hands like 8,6,5. I would endlessly chase in Badugi. Just to show how bad it was on the last hand of the night in Stud8 I played K(A,2). I called a bet when I hit the Q. Called when I hit the J and got lucky to chop vs an obvious low in a heads-up pot when I hit the 10 on 6th street. Terrible.

I made my $5 on Wednesday playing 2-7. On Thursday when I wanted to play though There was a waiting list for .25/.50 and no .5/1 game going. I decided to sit on in the 1/2 game that had an open seat. I won the very first hand and had a $7 profit but stuck around after I won my second hand in the first lap and ended up cashing out for a $15 profit. i played a $50 super satellite to an FTOPS HA event. 100 runners, 23 got seats, 24th got cash. I ended up on the bubble in 25th. I was 3rd with around 42 people left. I thought I could safely fold my way in. well, I was wrong.

Friday I played a Tier 1 token tourney. I won my token and decided to play it right away in a one table Tier 2. I flopped a set early on and nearly doubled. I stood steady and won a flip vs a shorter stack on the bubble and then took out 3rd place in a 2:1 hand the very next hand and got my $75 token. I am going to try and look for a $75 sat into a $215 event and then unregister and take the T$. With FTOPS wrapping up there is not a whole lot of $215 events left so I may be sitting on that token for a while.

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