Friday, August 29, 2008


We all know a LuckTard.  We hate them, these people that run like gods. 

This is an encounter I had with one last night.  This guy is a friend of mine and I KNOW HOW LUCKY HE RUNS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE... yet I continue to play with him.

I am a total dipshit.

No excuses.  Srsly.  I know better.

We are playing at a 6 handed, low limit, capped pot PLO table on Full Tilt.  Yes, I'm an even bigger idiot that you first thought.

Click through to see the flash hand replayer.

Yes, I admit, I was waaaaaaaaaaay behind pre-flop.

Once the flop hits I'm in much better shape:
But, nooo o o o o o o oo.  He still manages to suckout and win.  How on earth does he go from being a HUGE dog to a WINNER?  If only I knew.

This is guy owes me some serious Sklanky bucks.  No, really.

1 comment:

  1. After predator's pre-flop raise, if you figure him for aces, you fold, if you figure him for anything else, you re-raise. Especially with the queen in your hand, which could be a card your opponent needs for his queens or high rundown.
    Predator's bet on the flop is insane. His flush is gone, opponents can hit the flush and with all the calling, chances are someone's sitting with KKxx, JJxx (even against 33xx which you only have 2 aces in the deck). Oh, and there's a straight draw.
    My pot limit Omaha heart is bleeding.