Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Game Wrap-Up

Before I get to the home game I will write about my lack of playing online since CHIMPS. Wednesday night I played the Mookie. I never usually get a chance to play it because of the 10pm start time. I was out of town for work and only had to catch a flight in the morning so why not. I didn't last too long as I called a raise on about the 5th hand with 87cc. Flop comes 7,6,6 and I check called. Turn was another 6 and I check raised leaving myself about a pot sized bet behind. The river was a 5 and I shoved as was called my KK. Doh. I played a little 2-7 on stars, made a little profit, and called it a night.

Lately I have been playing a lot of 2-7 on stars. The games at the lower levels are super soft. If one was on a massively short BR they could play the .1/.2 limit game for about an hour per day and clear $5 per day easily with not a lot of risk. When I started playing on stars a lot again recently I started doing this and then moved up to the .25/.50 game and the .5/1 game. Games are a little tougher but still very beatable. I will probably try and grind the money up so I can play in a $500 mega for the Auckland, New Zeland APPT event. I would love to go there.

Saturday was the return of the monthly Ante Up home game. The usual cast o characters were there including Gambit, Fasso, Chris, Scott, Erik and Frank. This month the game was held at Frank's MediSpa that he just opened. The place was beautiful. I think I will be doing some Christmas shopping there for TOH. As usual, the game was 2/4 with pretty much every game under the sun. The first game called was LHE and I pretty much didn't get a hnad to play in the first 15 minute round. The second game was Razz and I was able to pick-up quite a few hands and build a little. Same for the 3rd game called which was O8.

Throughout the day I was not involved in a lot of interesting hands. I made most of my money playing 2-7 TD. These are always the bigger pots in our game. I have been playing it so much lately that I have a good feel where I am standing and know when to break a decent hand. Betting in this game is so key. I noticed a lot of betting mistakes being made in the game.

The last game of the night was PLO. I was in the BB with 4 limpers and I bet pot to $3.25 with A,A,9,7 single suited. I got not one, not two, not three, but all four callers. Before the flop I said good luck with your sets. Flop comes 5,4,4hh. I was suited in hearts. It was checked to Gambit who bet pot and everyone folded including me. He showed the 4. All told it was a good day for me as I pulled a profit of $132 on the day. I sold 5% of myself to Zooks for a rooting interest. Whenever I sell a percentage I always seem to pull out a win. Not sure why.

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