Friday, August 22, 2008

Biloxi Day 2 - Weeeeeeee

This one was quite a day. I went over to the Hard Rock and they had a 1pm NL Omaha Hi tournament at 1pm. It was $35+$10 juice+$5 toke. They had 13 people sign up and we started at one 10 handed table and they sat the three alternates. Since MS gaming regs are so strict they have to pay what their list says, which was the top 4. You got 4k in chips to start and 25/50 with 15 minute levels. They blinds doubled in the first 4 levels then slowed down. The first hand I won I had K,J,10,3dd from the SB and limped. About 6 ways to the flop it came out A,Q,xdd, about as good as it gets. I lead for 300 and got two callers. The flush hit on the turn and I led for 600 and got both caller (I think, maybe just one) The river is a blank and I bet out 1200 and get called by A,Q.

Not long after that I had KXXXcc from the BB and checked a multi-way pot. Flop comes J,9,6ccc. I checked and someone bet out 500. I check-raised to 1200 and he shoved for around 2500. I said I'm probably behind but I gotta call. He actually had a lower flush but still had 2 outs to the straight flush. He missed and I was up to around 9k in chips. When we reached the first break we had seated all 3 alternated and dropped more to get down to 6. Pretty damn fast. 6th dropped pretty quick and I was a short stack along one other. The other short stack busted and we were in the money. Two of the bigger stack battled and I moved to the final three.

Three handed I was really short but got my only double of the tournament through the average stack. I picked up 1 hand out of every five to stay afloat before the other two battled and I got to heads-up with 4600 and the blinds just jumped to 1000/2000/200. I shoved blind on the first heads-up hand and actually had a good one, Q,10,9,8. Unfortunately the other guy called dark and had A,K,K,x. Flop comes Q,6,6 and I'm pretty much fucked. I bricked out and took 2nd for $136 and a $86 profit. The play in this was absolutely horrid. There were very few who knew what were going on and it really showed.

After the tourney I walked back to the Beau Rivage and got my name on the list for a 1/2 game. When I got my seat there were 3-4 people with at least $800 on the table. The first hand I see when I sit down was like an $800 pot. Guess I'm playing for my stack the first hand I play. Well,m I blind down to around $155 and when I limp with A,2ss. The player to my left kicks it to $15 and gets 4 caller. I like the odds and call. Flop comes A,2,7. I check and the player to my left bets $50. All else fold and I shove for $140. The thinks for a bit and calls with A,K. Turn 6 when he says how much do I owe, then he says, oops nothing when the river is the K. Fuck me. Reload for another $200.

I had that stack down to $110 fairly fast when I missed some flops. I then pick-up 66 and flop a set on an all spade board. I call a $25 bet. The turn is a 4th spade and I call a $40 bet. The river didn't pair the board and he checked. Hmmmm. Only way to win is to bet and I shove. He folds. My set was good. That hand got me to $215. A little later I had A,K and raised to $15 and got 3 callers. Flop comes J,10,x. I check and the same guy from the previous hand bets $15. I check raise him to $45 and he is the only caller. The turn bricks and I lead for $60 and he folds, I show the bluff, which set-up the next hand.

Not long after I get A,7dd and limp UTG. About 5-6 to the flop and its bingo, all diamonds with no straight flush possibilities. I check to the same older guy from the previous two hands and he bets $25 and I am the only caller. Turn is a brick and I check. He bets $40 and I check raise him to $110. He immediately make it about $250 to go. I shove for a total of around $350 and he insta mucks. Huh/ He said I had the second nuts (KdXd). Well that card was on the board along with the Qd. He then said my mistake I had JdXd. The dude to my right said he say his hand and it was 10c8d for jack shit. After that hand I was sitting on around $700.

The last big hand of the session I had K,K and raised to $15 and got 3 callers including a loose passive lady. She would only lead or raise with a premium hand and would call down with less premium holdings including 2nd and 3rd pair. Flop comes Q,9,xhh. Its checked to me and I bet $25 and get just hte lady to call. The turn is the Kh. She checks. I just knew this one hit her and I checked behind. The river paired the board. Perfect. She leads for $75 and I raised it to $200. She called and did in fact have the flush. That one worked out perfect.

After that I didn't play anything too exciting and ended up leaving after about 2 1/2 hours with $945 in front of me for a nice $545 profit. Not bad for around 90 minutes earlier being stuck for $300 or so.

After that I did some random gambling for an hour after dinner.

Wheel of Fortune $0.50 Slots +$20
Pai Gow ($96) - Fucked numerous ways.
Video Poker +$58

Total loss of $18.

After that I walked back over to the Hard Rock and sat in an extremely soft 1-2 game. There were 3 other solid players in the game and that's it. I was greeted by the two outer on the river to deplete my stack to $125 early on. I built it back up and then got A,Q and limped (really really horrid). Flop comes A,K,5ss and I lead for $1o and get raised to $40 by one of the solid players and I called. The turn was a 9 and I faced a $75 bet. I folded face-up. Not sure what he had but I was pretty sure I was beat.

The very next hand I was able to get it back from the same player. I had 6,6 and limped. There were a few more more limpers and he made it $14 to go. One caller to me and I call and we take the flop 3-4 handed. Flop comes J,6,5ccc. He leads for $40, one fold and I ship it in for around $130 or so. I can see in figuring odds in his head and he eventually calls. Then pairs the J. Perfect. River blank and he tables A,A (no club) and I scoop a hefty pot. I got the stack as high as $290 before I bled some back. One hand in particular I raise in MP with Q,Q to $10 which was a big raise in this game. I get 5 callers. Fucked. Flop comes 7,6,5 and before it got to me it was bet to $25 and raised to $75. Insta-muck. Someone flopped straight and other turned the boat. Meh. I ended up leaving with $245 for a $45 profit cause I just hit the wall and was super tired (Why did I stay up and write this anyway?)

Overall a pretty good day. About time I show a nice profitable trip. Tomorrow I will probably play a cheaper Noon tournament followed by some more 1/2. Might have to play at Hard Rock, IP or the Isle of Carpi for a little less variance game.

Thanks for reading this super long post.

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