Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1 hour 40 Minutes = 5 hands

Well not really but they were the only ones of significance in the entire tournament. Played in the Tao of Poker birthday hoopla last night with 500+ of my closest blogger friends. Speaking of which, if there are that many poker bloggers then I think there is an epidemic, probably will need a vaccine for that. Anyways, played tight, shoulda would coulda ran deeper.

Hand 1 (about 5th hand of tourny) - I get AA UTG+1. Raise to 120 (4x), get an immediate call to my left. Flop of J1010, I bet pot. He min raises. I really put him on AJ at this point or another pair, I'm not really worried about a 10. Turn is 7 I think, I check raise him all in and he calls with QQ. I double.

Lots of folding and position betting for the rest of the first hour. Stack stays about 3K into first break.

Hand 2 - OTB I get 66 and make a raise to 450 (3x). I have about 2800 behind. SB pushes for 1400. Knowing I need chips and willing to take what I hop is a race I call. He shows QQ. I flop a 6. Boom. That will be the last boom of the night.

Hand 3 - UTG+1 raises to 600 (3x). I have QQ in the BB. I reraise him to 1400. He tanks then shoves. I call for about 1200 more. He has 1010. Flop is safe. Turn is 10. Un-booom.

Hand 4 - In the BB with A10h, folds to the shorty in the SB. He shoves for 900 and I instacall. He has 93h. 93 > A10.

Hand 5 - With 650 left OTB it folds to me. I shove Q10. BB calls with 95os. 95 > Q10. NH, GG, IGHN.

The QQ hand was disappointing because winning that would have put me in the top 20 stacks with about 220 remaining. Still alot of work to do but in a very nice spot. Also played CHIMPS last night, but because I didn't bet out with trip kings ace kicker on a rainbow board, I allowed my opponent to hit his 2 outer. Bad play me.

Heading to the ShowBoat on Thursday night to catch up with some effers and play the 7PM tourny. Maybe some cash after, maybe some pit degeneracy. We'll see what the night brings. Hopefully more 2 outers, YAY!

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  1. HEH...

    We played the same number of hands, but you lasted 40 minutes longer exactly. I stopped by to say hi around hand #3. Somehow, I didn't think the timing was the best. ;)