Thursday, August 21, 2008

Biloxi Day 1

My first session started around 5pm at the Beau Rivage. I was able to get a seat right away in the 1-2 game. I promptly bled down to around $140 when there was a mas exodus from the table. We kept playing 4 handed and as we gradually got people to the table I reeled off 5 pots in a row and was able to get back to even. Over the course of the 2 1/2 hour session I flopped a set 3-4 times. One time the board ran out a four flush and I had to check the river but my hand was good. Every time I would win a pot with the set I would flop two pair shortly after and and get counterfitted my the river. I was up and down and finally ended with a $64 profit.

There were quite a few regulars in the game by the looks of it. They did a lot of limping which I just love. I was disappointed I didn't win more but a win is a win.

The second session of the day started after dinner. I was seated at a new table and bought in for $200 again. I have no idea if there is a cap in this game because someone to my immediate left had around $800 in front of him, I guess there isn't. This game was totally different. Lots of raising pre-flop to around $15. twice I flopped nut flush draws and had to call a $20 bet on the flop. When I bricked the turn the bet would be $60 and I would have to dump it. The table broke fairly quickly and I got moved to a new table with only $120.

I stayed between $100 and $120 for the next two hours or so before I picked-up K,Q off in EP and limped. The next person raised to $15 (standard for the game) and got 3-4 callers and I called. The flop came K,10,x. It got checked all the way around. The turn paired the 10. The UTG player lead for $25. I had around $87 behind and shipped it in. The pre-flop raiser quickly folded, next folded, next hummed and hawwed and folded. The UTG took about a minute and finally folded K,J face-up. Guess I wanted the call from him. I wonder what the pre-flop raiser had? Maybe Q,Q or J,J? I wonder if it was possible for him to fold A,K in that spot. Probably not.

The room iteself is beautiful. The only thing that I don't like about it is the $6 per half hour time rake. That is a lot of money for a 1/2 game.

Walking over to the Hard Rock next door this morning they have their very first $50 (35+10+5toke) NL Omaha High tournament art 1pm today. If they get 25 players they throw in an additional $500 into the prize pool. I wasn't planning on playing cash games till late this afternoon so this works out perfect. A low buy-in event that nobody around here has played before making it a juiceless tourney plus some. I can just wait for the sets or straights and take the chips of people holding two pair. Pretty sure there will be no such thing as bluffing in this one. You are gonna have to show down the best hand. Should be a fun one.

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