Monday, August 18, 2008

Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah I've been MIA for about a week and a half. I could go on and on about this, that, and the other thing, but it's just inconsequential crap. Basically it comes down to alot going on and not having much of a burning desire to play poker. Did have a quick trip to AC about week and a half ago to meet up with some effers. Nothing real spectacular to write about. Had a small 1/2 session where I was up about 100 then tried to squash FD on the turn when I had a set, didn't work. Two hands later got kept in with nut FD when overpair bet way to small on every street and of course I don't get there, but c'est la vie I guess. Didn't play bad, didn't play great ho hum. Played the 7PM tourny there and never really got started. Sans the AA in round 1 I was pretty card dead, eventually the blinds ate me up and I had to shove a FD (sensing a theme) first on in on a pot and couldn't get there. Bonus of the night was that Showboat opened a 2/4 mixed table for us since we had enough people. Even put it on the board and got a few random people that didn't know what they were in for. Some were more fun the others. The others left. The fun ones stayed.

Other then that I really haven't played much poker online at all. Played CHIMPS and Riverchasers last week. CHIMPS I lost AA2x and AA3x four times in total in OM8 to complete and utter garbage everytime and that's how that went in the HORSE. Riverchasers started well, then couldn't dodge a 4 outer on the river and really lost desire at that point. Eventually shoved middle pair in a SB/BB hand where I had a feeling I was behind but didn't much care. Missed PSTour again last night this time because I was out at the parentals until after the start time. I'm sure everyone missed me so.

I pretty much missed the entire FTOPS boat minus a few stabs at Event 1 sats. I did realize, however, that my magical Step 4 WSOP ticket on Stars can be used for any 215 event during the WCOOP. This is an unexpected bonus and hopefully will lead to an instant bankroll on Stars with any kind of cash. Now I just need to pick an event. I have to go look at the sched and see what is of interest. I'm sure I'll be able to find something.

Other then all this I've just kinda been podering my online direction. This is probably most of the reason for my lack of play. There has been opportunities to play but I just can never seem to decide what I want to do. For whatever reason cash games feel like a grind to me and after the last 50NL session where I got the monkey at the table all in 3 times as a 70+ fav each time and lost every one, there is a little bitter taste there. My attention span for MTT's seems to have reverted to ADD levels. SNG's are boring the crap out of me. So I need direction. The roll is on a bit of a downswing mostly due to a lack of cashes in the few MTT's I've played and the one bad 50NL session, so nothing of disastrous proportions but annoying nonetheless. We'll see where things go. I would say it is very unlikely for me to play CHIMPS this week as I have no token and have very little time to get one between now and then. If I can get one I will play but this is probably a one shot deal. Other then that no poker plans for the week.

Waffles is trying to level his mage, whatever the fuck that means. Columbo has bought cowbells for Rockband. I in turn am trying to be 10 year old kids at Wii Karts with very little luck. We all need our non-poker outlets. Hopefully this will spawn more inpired play in a week or so.

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