Monday, September 8, 2008

Peaking Early

This seems to be a trend. I can win on Friday, then the rest of the weekend goes down hill. I let Zooks talk me into a 3 dollar donkfest on Friday night along with some .25/.50 6 handed HORSE (who knew this even exisited). The HORSE ended up being down 2 bucks after being in the hole for almost 15 at one point, so this was a nice recovery. In the uber-donkament I was down to about 700 chips in the first 2 levels. Ready to be done, I started shoving. And doubled. And doubled. Finally I get to a respectable amount of chips and I actually had to care again. Cruised into the cash then finally busted when my 88 couldn't our race AK. Bleh, but a 16th place finish with 400+ of my closest friends wasn't too bad either.

However, on Saturday the wheels fell off, in more ways then one. On the poker front I lose just over a buyin playing 50NL. Lost with KK 3 times. Twice to undersets and the third when I guy was willing to put in 14 doallars preflop with the JackAce offsuit and spike his A on the flop. I realize there is nothing that I can do about this, money in way ahead blah blah, variance blah blah. I don't feel better. Then my cable/internet goes out for 3 hours after I had just paid for the college football package. Asshats. So I can't chase my losses and I can't watch Notre Dame (probably a good thing) or Penn State. Cocksuckers.

Sunday involved no poker. I should have been chipper and happy because the Eagles slaughtered the Rams and the Phils beat up on the Mets in the afternoon. However I was too pissed about the Lions and Texans screwing the pooch in my sports betting. Then my fantasy team getting ass raped by Michael Turner. Then my survival pool pick of the Charges get fuckered on the last play of the game. Then the Phillies not even showing up for the second game of the double header. Tilt was full on monkey-uber-ultra levels by this point. And the last fucking thing I wanted to do was play PokerSlut rebuy assclownery. At least the Grand Poomba of Football lorded of the Patriots and in the biggest ironic twist ever, in the first game in 5 years that Tom Brady was not listed on the injury report, he gets shelved for the season. Hold on a sec while I feel bad for Bo....ok that's done. Didn't yo mamma always tell you that cheaters never win??

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