Friday, September 19, 2008

Finding My Aggro Monkey

Look he's over there! In the closet with the dust on him.

Played in two MTT's last night. The AIPS event for AnteUp and a 3 dolla donkament. Two tales from two different tournies. There's almost no story to tell for AIPS. It was a 6 max event, the blinds were 20/40. I raised to 140 with AK, BB calls. Flop comes AK6 rainbow, check to me, I bet 240 into the 300 pot, BB pushes for about 1000, I call knowing I am probably behind. Sure enough he has a set of sixes. I don't know if I can fold there or even if it's worth folding there leaving myself with 700 some chips in the 6 handed event. I wasn't happy about it but at the same time trying to milk a short stack that early in a 6 handed event had no appeal to me. I'm a pussy what can I say.

Now the 3 dolla donkament was a different story. I played all my pairs and aces much more aggro early in this and it paid off. I took a hit early when I fired two barrels with unimproved AQ and I guy couldn't lay down bottom pair 6 kicker to the preflop raiser. Doubled a few hands later when I raised with A10, got some calls. Flop was 1088, checks to me I bet, one call, turn is an under, check, I shove, he calls with J10. Chipped up a couple more hands then made a call that I normally would have folded in the past. I raise with 55 in late position, I get two of three callers between me and the button, plus the BB. Flop come 642ss. Checks to me and I fire about the pot, passive calling station to my left calls, then the button pushes for about 1600, BB folds, back to me. There's about 1200 in the pot and it's about 1300 more for me to call. The more I thought about this push the more it felt like overs and a FD. I knew it would be a race if I was right. I had about 5500 behind and decided to go with my read and try and get some chips. I called. Button had 910ss and didn't improve. I was sitting on a nice stack for awhile. Then I called an early raiser with QJss, flopped top pair, he be small, I raised, he called. Turn was a 10 he bet small, I raised again, he pushed for a small amount more. He had 1010 and turned the set. Sucks. I think I could have gotten away there, the turn bet was super fishy. Eventually built back up when my 88 outraced K10os. Went uber-card dead and just didn't steal enough. Made the money but with not enough of a stack to make a difference. Shoved when I missed with A9os against a reraiser making a small flop bet. Knew I was probably behind but either wanted chips or to go to bed. He eventually called with KK on a jack high rainbow flop, little slowroll maybe.

Any way I was pretty happy with the way I played. I took some chances that I normally would not have and really tried to play outside my box that I have been stuck in. Hopefully this leads to some better results. 25NL still going well but nothing of interest to report. Might play Donkament tonight, but still on the fence. See how the evening goes.

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  1. Sounds like you've been reading Hoyazo's blog about Harrington bots...