Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm not all dead, just mostly dead

No really I still exist I promise. To some this may be a disappoint but so be it, Miracle Max gave me the pill and I feel more gooder now. Let's see, in the past two weeks I've played exactly 1 SNG until last night. I won that SNG. That makes my win rate over the past 2 weeks about 450%, not too shabby. After a few weeks off I finally feel like getting back on the horse again. In the end I think playing too many MTT's is really what killed my desire to play. Between trying to play PokerSluts, CHIMPS, random Blogger event during the week, and some FTOPS sats it really just burned me out. I wasn't playing my best, I was losing focus, and not seeing results which all kind of fed off each other. Now here I sit, so what of it.

Well since I was on vacay at the beautiful syringe free (almost) Jersey Shore I was able to get a night of 1/2 action in at the Trop in AC. Sat with 200, and I feel like I played pretty well. Definfately played smarter preflop then I had been, was able to dodge some dicey situations, and made a few good value bets on the end that I had been missing. However, I ended up down 10 bucks on the evening. One tough hand that I really don't fault the guy for the way he played it and another where I didn't want to listen to the bets in front of me. In the first early limper and I have AQ (at about 210 at this point), I pop to 12, button (about 375 in front) and SB (maybe 150 in front) call, then the limper goes all in for 31. There's definately an argument to be made for reraising here, but I didn't really want to risk my stack on an overcall by the bigger stack behind me so I just called. I'm sure there is an argument to folding here as well but it just wasn't that much more into the pot. At any rate, flop comes Ad5x7d, I have the Qd. SB checks so I bet 50 to try and get some info, maybe even build a side pot from a smaller ace, well they both fold. Turn is a 9d, and the river 8x. I table the AQ and he rivered me with 88. I didn't see if he had the 8d and this was a one outer or a two outer but I guess that point is moot. The other hand wasn't as interesting as I just couldn't let middle pair go when I should have known I was beat. Stubborness on my part.

Last night I knew I was running good when the inconsolable child actually fell asleep for me and not mom and actually stayed in sed state of sleep. What better way to celebrate then a little 50NL on FTP. Had a small win. Fairly tight table but I was able to take advantage of a few peeps. I think this is where I will be focusing most of my efforts at this point. My NLHE cash game isn't what it should be and I need to make it better if I want to show more profit. It's getting there, but still needs work. I'm sacrificing too much money online and live to not be better at this game then I am. I'm also cutting down on the MTT's. Trying to do PokerSluts, CHIMPS and blogger events is too much for me in a week. Haven't yet figured out how to do this, but I'll think of something.

That being said I started rereading my Harrington books. They've been sitting on the shelf for too long and my brain needs a refresher. I'm also very interested in the two books Hoy has mentioned and is writing about, The Poker Tournament Formual I and II. I want to read these but finding the time and discipline to do it will be tough, but my interest is very peaked. I'm sure a comment or two here will be forthcoming. Finally I need to register for a WCOOP event over at stars. I have a 216 ticket sitting there and I want to put that bad boy to good use for the instant bankroll. There are a few events that peaking the interest level, so we'll see where that ends up.

Finally, my apologies to BamBam for not leaving a comment earlier on his blog. Been reading along and even with my more pleasant distractions over here should not have precluded me from doing so. I hope all is well and everything comes out smelling like aces when all is said and done.


  1. Thank you for the kind words.
    Now go win some more at poker damn it!

  2. Cardrunners videos will give your cash game a nice boost...