Friday, September 12, 2008

A little bit better

My last 3 sessions playing 50NL have not gone well. So there is good news/bad news there. Bad news is I'm making mistakes. I know it. The good news I think I know what most of them are. The more bad news is I've been running bad (lost with KK three times AIPF). Combo of these factors does not help the morale but I've been trying to push through.

It seems most of my mistakes is ill-timed agression. It seems that in the big pots, my agression is coming in the wrong spots. Either on the turn when it should have been on the flop or on the flop instead of pre. I don't know if I'm playing to passively when the pots get big or playing to antsy when they get big. Maybe a combination of both.

So the little bit better part. I sat at a 25NL table last night. Got about 200 hands in while watching Jamie 'the 45 year old wonder kid' Moyer attempt to save the Phillies season against the Brewers. At any rate, about 3 hands in I got my AA all in on the turn against QQ with an all under flop and it actually help. Pretty much stayed there. I was playing a little tighter then normal but that was mostly do to a dearth of carddeadness. Lost a hand with buttom set to a shortie who flopped OESD and FD. Blah blah. Towards the very end of the session was able to get a pretty good sized stack all in on the turn with bottom set against his top 2 and it actually held. This gave me a nice win. Closed out up a little more then 40 bucks. I think I'll be keeping my fishing pole here for awhile until I work my bugs out. See if I can maintain a little better win rate at this level then having the big swings at 50NL. Definately getting a better feel at the table, hopefully this translates live. In a weird way I think this is helping my MTT game by getting me more focussed when I play. But we'll see how that goes.

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