Monday, September 15, 2008

Less Tilt, More Money

This weekend was a much better one. Fantasy Football 2-0. Weekly pick'em pool tied for first, tiebreak tonight. Bets with 'a guy' positive. Most importantly some nice cashish at the 25NL tables. Oh yea and both my son and I made it out of the weekend in one piece with mom in class all day saturday and sunday. No rescues from grandparents required, even though they did both come by.

Between Friday and Saturday on Full Tilt I was about to secure about 4 buyins playing 25NL. These buyins were of course tempered by the fact that I played The Donkament on Friday night, went off for about 8 or 9 double buyins, then proceeded to lose back to back races with AK vs 99 both times, 5 handed. Any one of these wins would have made me 2nd in chips. Really annoying. The 25NL is getting much better though and my feel for the game is definately improving. Most of the wins this weekend came from big hands that held up which is usually the case. However, I'm getting alot better at padding those wins by winning more medium sized pots with good bets and/or calls in the right spots. This is where I'm seeing improvement. Hopefully this trend can continue on the upward swing.

Finally the weeked ended with a little action at PokerStars. Since there was no PSTour, I let Zooks convince me to playa little PLHE at stars. Good plan. There's nothing like putting 45% of your bankroll on the table when you don't care. So I sat at the table with Zooks and the few maniacs that she pegged. Like I said this was a good choice, as about 10 mins in I get AA against one of the maniacs, turn a set, and get paid of by middle pair on the end. So nice. Won another nice pot with KK then sat on my hands for awhile. Finally right before I got up I picked up QQ and got 1010 AIPF and it held. All said and done walked off with 80 bucks from the table. Not too shabby. Now I actually have something that resembles a bankroll on Stars. Shit! This means I might have to care. I just with I could turn the 216 ticket I have into cash. I wanted to play the WCOOP with it but all the times are at 230 and 430 in the afternoon, just not conducive to my schedule. I'm sure I'll find something.

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