Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hard Rock Report

My trip to the Hard Rock room on Friday ended the same way most of my trips end there, which is with a significant loss. Everything started out good though. On the third hand I was in the BB. There was one limper and someone in MP raised to $20. The button called, SB called, I called with the 10,10 and the limper called. $100 into the pot with a flop of Q,10,xdd. With 5 people in and the FD out there I lead for $45 leaving me $35 behind and only the SB called. The turn was a 10. SB checked and I checked behind. River was an off-suit J. SB checked and I shoved for my last $35 and the SB called with A,J. What? After that hand I was up to $235 in front of me.

I proceeded to not win a hand for the next 2 hours. I was knocked down all the way down to $51 when I was able to get a double-up with A,K all in pre vs A,9. After that and I didn't win another one the rest of the session. I lost that $100 and then peeled another $100 and lost it all-in on a straight draw and drawing dead vs a turned flush in a $200+ pot. A total loss on the day of $200 for me. Most of my losses on the day were top 2 vs a flush and top pair on a paired board losing with the K kicker to the ace. Not a good day.

On Friday and Saturday I got in a ton of poker online. I lost a step 3 and a step 2 for the APPT. After that I ran a WCOOP step 1 all the way to a step 3 and lost it there as well. I donked off a little in 2-7 NL and am now down to $3 on stars. Time to reload.

So far Sunday is going pretty damn good though. I will post up on that in the morning.

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