Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Live Play and APPT Overlays

Since I returned from New Orleans I was able to play one live session. It was only about 90 minutes at the track buy I was able to book a $62 win. I only had two real hands of note. I had A,Q in MP and raised to $12 and saw 3 callers. Flop comes J,10,xdd. Check, check, I check and SS on the button shoves for $25. There is a fold and the SAG, who I have played numerous hours with, calls. If he had a HUD running live he would be a 100/0. He literally sees every flop. Earlier in the session I saw him limp UTG with 8,3 off and take a medium sized pot when the flop came 8,8,2. With $98 in the pot I am getting good odds (10 outs 2x) and call. Turn is a blank. SAG checks, I check. River is a Q. SAG checks and I value bet $25. SAG is the type of player to call this bet with 2nd or 3rd pair. He folds what he says was A,J. Now way in hell he has that. The all-in player had J,little and is busto.

The dude is bitchin' how he can never hit a flop, etc. Well sir, nice call pre-flop with J,little. This guy was exactly what VegasRex was talking about in a recent post. He was talking about the Mets like HE was on the team. Us, we, shit like that. You tend to get a lot of that in Florida, more on the east coast though. He ends up dropping 2 buy-ins and goes to the tournament. He was telling the guy next to me how to play. Guy next to me gave a nice jab in when he left. Can't remember what it was but I lol'ed.

Other other hand was when I had Q,10 and limped. About 7 to the flop of A,K,X. Checked around. Turn blank and checked around again. River J with no flushes. SAG leads for $10, I raise to $25, called from behind and SAG folds. He shows K,J and my hand is good. Nothing else interesting beyond those hands. I was never in another pot for more than $10 besides those too. The table started to toughen up a bit so I left with the profit.

On Monday night I played the TuckFard open. When we reached the final table (after one person busted) I had around 2k in chips. I ended up taking out 3 people at the FT including BamBam with his 1bb after getting knocked down a couple hands earlier decided to shove his 3,3 into my AA from the BB. It was over when I flopped quads. When we got to 5 handed I had around 7k in chips and 2nd had around 2400. Blinds were at 150/300. yep, I finished 5th. I ended up losing 5 coin flips in a row. The worst one was when I had K,9 vs J,10 or so. I flopped J but lost to a turned two pair. Oh well. with the bounties the tourney cost me $0.50.

Whil perusing Poker Stars today I noticed they were running two mega-satellites to the Seoul APPT event every weekend. In the $300+20 satellite they had 118 people for the 10 seats. With a total guaranteed prize pool of $60k that's and overlay of $24,600!!!!! Holy shit! Looking at the $450+25 they had 87 runners. With the $60k prize pool that's a $20,850 overlay. My god. I looked and saw that they had 77 registered for the event so far. The event is in 10 days. I wonder if that's why they ran the 10 seat guarantees. Who woulda thought the overlays would be that big.

I am going to try a couple $88 sats to get into the weekend 10 seat guarantee megas. Not having any money on Stars I called on Snarf and Zooks to transfer me $11 in turn for some Full Tilt cash. What do I do with the $22? Play a $20 SNG of course. Snuffy's money management. My book will be out soon.

I now have my $88 to get into the satellite. If I miss I probably can afford two more shots at it. Wish me luck.

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  1. It was great seeing you out on Monday Snuffy. What a great way to end that game for me! Quads... hahahaha!