Monday, September 8, 2008

A Much Better Sunday

After getting my balls kicked repeatedly online (and live) over the last couple of days I was going to take it easy on Sunday. I was waiting for the football games to kickoff and had the laptop ready to follow my 3 money leagues that I am in. TOH left about an hour before kickoff with Reece and I decided to see what was happening online.

I started up Full Tilt and registered for an $8.70 Tier 1. I was down to around 1200 when I picked up Q,J off in the 40/80 level and called from the button. Four ways to the flop of J,6,J. Its checked to me and I bet out 320. I get check min-raised and I shoved. My opponent couldn't fold A,A (well played) and I got the double. On the very next hand I get 98hh from the cutoff and limp. Five ways and the flop comes 6,5,2hh. The SB bets 60% pot (240) and its folded to me and I shove. My opponent calls off the last 1200 of their stack with A5cc. Of course I miss my 18 outer twice and I'm down to 900. A few hands later I won a race when A,Q beat 9,9 and I was able to get the token.

During that tourney they were about to run a $75 turbo sat into the $216 buy-in $750k guarantee tourney. I registered. There were 81 runners for 25 seats and 26th got nearly $190. Early on I picked-up a lot of playable hands (A,Q x2, 8,8, A,K). On the 8,8 hand I raised to 120 and got a lone caller from the SB. Flop comes 9,5,5 and I call a nearly pot sized bet. The turn was an A and I folded to a sizable bet and was left with around 1150. I tightened up and finally picked-up Q,Q and made a standard 3.5x raise. A late position player who had me covered shoves and I called. I was racing against A,K and the board bricked giving me the double. Not long after that a short stack of around 800 shoved into my BB when I had A,A and I was up to around 3200 in chips. I won the blinds a couple times when a key hand happens.

I am in the BB with 3700 and am sitting 9th/45. A stack of 1200 is in the SB. With blinds at 60/120 its folded to the SB who shoves. I have 10,10. Here is where I need opinions. I have asked two people already and they both said call. I did call and was up against K,4. Flop comes with a K and I lose the pot and am knocked down to 2500. I was blinded all the way down to 1206 in chips and was 27/30 with blinds of 200/400 when its folded to me on the button with K9hh. I shoved and the SB big stack called. He had A,K. I crushed him though on a flop of K,Q,9. I faded the A and the Q on the turn and river and got the double I needed. I was able to fold into the seat shortly after that.

One interesting thing happened on the bubble on my table. The two shortest stacks in the tourney had 1.5 and 1 BB (not at our table). Its folded to the SB who shoves for 4500 (9bb's) and the BB who has him covered by all of 200 chips calls. Sb shows J,10ss and the BB shows 5,5. The flop coems with a 5 and its over. I'm not sure which is the worse play here. Shoving or calling. Calling has to be. the only thing I can imagine they are thinking is they wanted the cash and not the T$. The only flaw with that logic though is that you can convert the t$ at 90% and you would have had more than what 26th got in cash. I guess that's way satellites are so good. People just don't get it.

I'm at the airport right now on my way to New Orleans. While waiting I wanted to see how the Slut Tour went last night. FT is blocked on the free internet here so I tries Official Poker Rankings and ThePokerDB and got this:

Fuck you "free" internet. Have to hook the Blackberry up and tether it to see. I should be playing some live this week at Harrah's and at the Belle of Baton Rouge.


  1. BVB, shortstack shoves 10BB I snap call with TT. It is miles ahead of his range (which is just about ATC).

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