Thursday, September 11, 2008

50 Cent

Not sure who I pissed off in the blogger world but Full Tilt was the means of getting back at me last night. In the Mookie and Dookie I suffered four 3-outers and one 2-outer. Brutal to say the least. I ended up busting out of the Mookie with around two tables left with one bounty. In the Dookie I was a little more fortunate that the 3-outers hit after we had already reached the money and I was able to make an easy fold with K,K on an A,x,x flop. I was able to finish in 3rd for $17 giving me a total profit last night of $0.50. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!! $0.17 per hour, what an hourly rate!

I was never able to make it to the Belle of Baton Rouge this week. East Baton Rouge Parrish is still under a curfew so the casino shuts down at 8pm. Its amazing how much destruction Gustav did here. Downed trees everywhere, and this was a smaller storm. I am going to get to Harrahs in New Orleans tonight. Hopefully with Ike I will be able to get out tomorrow morning.

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