Saturday, September 20, 2008

$0.02 For A Boomswitch Please

I am 0-2 in satellites. My last one I built up to 4500 when I called a 4x raise at the 15/30 level with 64hh along with 3 others. Flop come s 7,5,3cc. I checked, pre-flop raiser makes it 390 and gets one caller. I ship and both fold. The hand that set me off on tilt was when I called a min-raise from and UTG+1 player to 100 with 76cc and was the only caller. Flop comes 7,3,2cc and he open shots his last 1400. I call and he has A,K off. He hits the 4 outer on the river and I'm back down to 3000. I pissed through that stack fairly fast and busted on the last hand before the break.

I decided to say fuck it and buy directly into the mega-satellite. Not sure if I am gonna play the Saturday night one or the early Sunday morning one yet. I will be keeping an eye on the entrants. It should be an overlay even bigger than last week. Having the event starting in 6 days should help.

While looking at 2+2 I saw a post showing someone with a break-even graph through 9k hands. He then sent KidPoker (Negreanu) $0.02 to turn his boomswitch on. His graph took off after that.


Hello scottc25,

We have transferred $0.02 from your account to 'KidPoker' as per your request.

Good luck to you both.

PokerStars Cashier


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