Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Recap, 2011 Preview

What a difference a year makes. I was looking back at my goals for 2010 and I only had two. First one was to be profitable. Pretty safe to say that never happened. On a good note I showed a fairly healthy profit over the last 3-4 months of the year. The second goal was to not drop $300 a pop in tournaments and stick to cash games. I really didn’t play a lot of big tournaments this year so that’s partially a win. I did play a couple in the $200 range while in Vegas for the WSOP though. This will be a significant change for 2011 but more on that in a bit.

2010 Recap

2011 Preview

The writing job as helped a lot financially. So much so that I can actually try and build a poker bankroll again along with giving the family some nice presents along the way as well. So let’s talk goals for 2011:

1. Play in two WSOP-C Main Events and one WSOP event – cashing in one of them. I already have the WSOP-C event in West Palm Beach at the end of February lined-up. After that I might play the one in St. Louis in early April. I think one WSOP event is doable this year as well.

2. Make a realistic push to win a WSOP seat. I’m still up in the air which way I’m going on this one. it may be the online steps route or it may be through single table sats and the megas at the Rio. Either way if I win it I should be sound enough financially to actually play the event.

3. Learn online cash games. I have never really put forth the effort to grind online cash games. I am going to make a push this year to play more. I started off the year already grinding at DoylesRoom. Rakeback has a $50K rake race and through the first five days of the month I am around 110th which would be good for $100. That would even cover my losses too Smile .

4. Play a minimum of three live cash sessions per month. This one might be a tough one to pull off. I will try hard though.

That’s about it. Wish me luck.

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