Thursday, January 27, 2011

WBCOOP - 1/27 Live(ish) Blog

14:00 - WBCOOP started up for today. Played last night for the first time on the series and had trips lose to a flush draw like five minutes in. Let's see if I last longer this time. I know nobody at opening table.

14:12 - Recognizable faces in the field:
DaFoundation (who is already out)

14:22 - 20 minutes in and I'm playing 0/0, sitting at t2700.

14:30 - Won my first pot outright - t3261

14:37 - Nice, first hand I raise I hit top pair and run into a set - t1500.

14:45 - Still won only one pot. Good news is I have a shove stack now - t1100

14:55 - t1k or 10bbs at the first break. One shove not called.

15:07 - UTG shipped A-10 and SB called with KJ. Board runs out xx10Kx - Out 518th.

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