Saturday, December 18, 2010

WPBT Part Two

Friday morning I slept in a little and went off to play the Wynn $120 tournament at noon. I was able to build up to around 16k from the 10k start in the 3rd level when I check-raised all-in with a gutter, flush draw and overs. I was called by 2nd pair Laughing out loud and couldn’t hit the 18 outer. One of these days I will hit the 18 outer, I just don’t know when.

I did a whole lot of nothing for a while before I went to check out the bloggers at the MGM for some mixed games. Nothing was going early so I made it over to my favorite room. Excalibur. In nine previous sessions there I had yet to post a losing session, that this day would be no different. There was one cowboy hat in the game along with three other good spots. I turned my $200 into $600 in a couple hours.

I didn’t have too many exciting hands but the two most profitable were both against the cowboy hat. I flopped the nuts with Q-10 in a K-J-9 flop and bet every street, $20, $40 and $100 and was called down. The other hand was a flopped top set and I was called on the flop and turn before he gave up.

After the win I walked over to the MGM again and got in on the second 3/6 mixed table to open. I played with $100 for like 3-4 hours with the likes of Poker Grump, Josie, Luckbox, CK and Jess Welman. I ended up losing about $40. I must say Josie runs really well, check out the details here. After playing till about 1:30 or so I called it a night.

Part three to include a Winter Classic recap. Till then….

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