Friday, February 5, 2010

Winstar Report

I was in Dallas this past week and after work on Wednesday night I was able to take a trip up to Winstar. Thanks to rain and rush hour traffic it took me nearly two hours to get there. Pulling into the parking lot it almost didn't even look like the same place. The place is like 3 times the size of what it used to be and the tents are gone.

I was put on the waiting list for 1/2 and after about 15 minutes they opened up a new table. The first five hands were a whirlwind. Won the first, lost the second, lost nearly $100 on the 3rd hand with trip kings (vs someone playing K8), all in on the 4th hand and a win on the 5th hand to get back to the starting stack of $200.

After the early action I settled in. About 4 hours into the session and staying around even I finally was able to win a bigger pot and was sitting on around $260. There was a guy in the game that was playing fairly nitty, folding for $1 from the SB, etc. After he eventually loses his first buyin he has his seat locked up so he can get some more money. About 10 minutes later he comes back, buys in for $100 and says I'm all in dark. WTF? Did he just go take his crazy pill? He gets called by 1010 and loses. Very next hand he does the same thing saying "one last time I'm all in." Nobody calls. Very next hand he just limps and I look down at KK. Fuck me, one hands too late.

The very next hand he adds another $100 for $185 total (after losing some to me the previous hand) and says "OK one last time, I'm all in dark again." I look down and what do I see? KK again! I ship and everyone folds. He hasn't looked at his cards until the board runs out for the full sweat. I didn't have too long of a sweat when the flop came out KJJ. After the board ran out he flipped over AQ. How pissed would I have been if I lost that hand?

I ended up playing for another hour or so for a 5 hour session and walked away with $455 in front of me. I felt good about my nl game going in and it proved to be profitable.


  1. Nice result for a couple of hours work. WTF was the all-in blind donkey doing? Qucik blast of meth in the toilet?

  2. i think i was at this table in seat 2 was the guy seatin in seat 9

  3. What are the odds of someone reading the blog being in the game huh? Yes he was in the 9 seat and I was in the 10 seat (or 8 and 9 seats, cant remember if we were 9 or 10 handed tables).