Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rest of the Trip Report

Only about 2 weeks after my trip. Not bad.

Sunday I opted to play the $200 superstack event at the Rio again. Also playing were Zooks, T and Predator. You start with t15k and 30 minute levels. Within the first two levels I had an opponent flop a set on me twice when I opened the pots. I was able to lose near the minimum in both. On the first one I cbet the flop and was called. The turn and river went check check (lol). The second time the board was checked down the whole way. Love it when people don't cbet vs me. At the end of the second level I was only down to t13,800.

In levels 3 and 4 I played one significant pot. I called a 3x raise from the SB with 87hh along with one other limper. Flop comes A97 with a heart. I check called the cbet with the back door draws and bottom pair. Turn pairs the 7. I checked without looking at the turn card (not before the turn, just not looking). I tend to do this quite a bit for some odd reason, not sure why. I always do it out of position with a pocket pair as well. If I don't hit after a couple times then I start looking. It's the inner OCD in me I guess. Here is where my mind gets muddy but I believe I check called the turn and then was able to get a check raise in on the brick river for almost my whole stack and got a call. I showed the trips and my opponent slammed the table. At the end of the 4th level and the first break I had t27,150.

In the 6th level I was dealt 1010 three times in one lap. I tried all three ways to play then raise, call a raise and limp. All of them ended the same way, me losing chips. Right after those three hands my table broke and I was moved to Predator's table. The very first hand I raise with 109hh and was only called by Predator on the button. Flop 9 high and my cbet takes it. I raised one or two other times the next lap or two and was able to grind the stack back to t28,400 at the end of level 8 going to 400/800.

In level 9 or 10 I called a raise from a fish with 33 and flopped bottom set with two hearts. I check called the flop and turn but a heart hit on the river absolutely killing my action. I had to lead the river for fear him checking behind. If the fd doesn't hit there I know he is betting the river and I can put in an all-in bet and most likely get a call. He folded to my river bet and I was sitting somewhere near t40k. Shortly after that hand I called a raise with 88 along with the player to my immediate left. This guy was a complete maniac. he could have a wide range in a multitude of spots. Flop comes 653 rainbow and I check. He open shoves for around 12k, original raiser folds and its back to me. I just don't see how I can fold in the spot. I think I am way ahead of his range. He could have A6, two overs or an open ender along with overpairs like 99 and 1010. I discounted overpairs based on his play cause he tended to shove those hands pre-flop. I ended up making the call and saw that he flopped top set with 66. Turn 7 brings me a lot more out but the river K hits and he doubles. I was knocked back down to around t25k after that hand.

After that was just blinded down and couldn't find any spots. I shoved JJ once and AQ once with no callers. Finally last hand before dinner break at 1k/2k I shoved over Predators raise with 22 and a 22k stack. I was shown A10. Because Predator runs like god I see a 10 in the door and an A on the turn. River bricks off and I am done. Predator ended up going on to finish 6th for something like 4k.

After the tourney I was pretty pokered out but did hop in the 1/3 game at the Rio and booked a small win. I also drove over to the Excalibur for one more session but after about 45 minutes I was just done for the trip. I booked a small win and called it a trip.

Not a profitable trip but a fun one anyways. Back to grinding with the new laws here in Florida. More about that in a few days.

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