Saturday, January 15, 2011

PCA Satellite and an Overall Fun Day

I was looking around on PokerStars the other night and I saw they were running satellites to their $1,500 side event on Saturday. I watched the satellites that night and the $215 one generated one seat. I thought what the hell, let’s try and win one of those tomorrow.

DoylesRoom Double

When I woke up the next day I also was thinking about my $100 I have on DoylesRoom. I wanted to double it or bust it. With my roll I sat at a 100NL full ring game. Fairly early on I spotted two players that could potentially double me up. I played a ton of pots with them and within 80 hands or so I was up to $170. One of the bad players left and shortly after that the other one left too. I was bleeding down and after a couple more laps I was down to $140 and I was going to get up and try later. That was until one of the bad players sits again.

With the bad one sitting again I decided to press on. He bought in for $45 and lost it. Bought in for $45 again, lost it again. Bought in yet again for $45 and then doubled it to $90 when I got to play a pot with him. He was down to $86 when the hand started. I limped A-K UTG and the bad player two to my left raised to $6. Folds back to me and I jam. I took the line knowing that he is calling off with most pairs and A-10+. Well he was near the top of his range with QQ. I was OK with flipping. Board runs X-X-X-X-K. Nice river. I hung around a couple laps and left with $201. Goal accomplished.

PCA Satellite

I had enough for a step 1 in my account but was planning on adding $200 if need be. I was able to win the step 1 and immediately registered for a step 2. With 8 left I have near my starting stack all-in with A-K against K-J when the board runs out A-J-X-X-J. I reload the account for $200. The plan was to play a step 3 and get a win to play the $215 satellite. If I missed I would still have enough to play the $109 seat only satellite.

The step 3 was interesting. I folded almost every hand until the 50/100 level and I was sitting 6/8. Two big stacks tangle and now I am 6/7. I shove once with no calls. Then two big stacks tangle again and I am 5/6 but still way short. After that the other short stack and I trade the 6th place spot a few times with our successful shoves two big stacks tangle yet again and I now have a redo locked-up. We quickly drop to four handed and then down to three handed and I am the short stack. I get a double and am even with second place. I get it in with the chip leader and double again and now I am in first. The last hand was fairly interesting

I am in the chip lead with around 7500, second has 3800 and third has 2200. We are playing 200/400 when the SB jams for his 2200. I have KQ in the BB and it’s 1800 to me. Looking at numbers quickly if I call and lose the stacks will be 5300 for myself and the others have 4400 and 3800. Would you call in this spot? I’m thinking it’s an easy call since I will still be in first. I did and he had A,3. Flop comes K-J-10 and I hold and get the win. After the hand the dude lights up the chat box saying how horrible of a call it was. As a side note I saw him on the next night playing a step 4 and he was in the middle of a 20 minute verbal war with someone else at the table.

Now with a step 4 in hand and $120 in the account still I opt to play the $109 seat only satellite along with the $215. We end up only getting four runners and the satellite doesn’t guarantee a seat and payouts are $215 for first and $185 for second. Too bad cause I end up winning it. When the $215 rolls around there isn’t enough people for a seat in that one either. I opted to wait and see if it would get close to a seat and then late register if it does. It doesn’t so I opt to keep the step 4 and play it at a later date.

With over $200 in the account and a step 4 I think I am going to play some more steps tournaments and try and build up some 4’s and try for a WSOP Man Event seat this summer.

Also, good luck to change100 in the $1K Women’s PCA event today. According to Pauly she is in first headed into day two.

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