Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Long Awaited Trip Report

My original plan was to only be in Vegas for two nights as the bankroll took a massive hit when I made the trip to the circuit event in St. Louis back in April. Alas I had a couple rungood weeks both live and online and I was able to scrape enough cash to go out for 5 fun-filled nights in Vegas.

I arrived in Vegas bright and early at 10am and headed off to get the rental car. Based on my experience back in February I expected to be tilted after waiting for ages to get the car. I was lucky enough to be out of the facility within 15 minutes. I stopped to get a quick bite to eat and headed off to the Rio to rail @teelea in her $1500 event. Wandering around the room in the first two levels is always fun. Some of these people shouldn't even be playing in a $20 freezeout let alone a $1500 WSOP event. I guess everyone has to chase the dream.

My first session of the trip I went back to the scene of the crime from my last visit. Back to where I believe the worst players in Vegas play, Excalibur. After about a five hour session I was up $152, just shy of what I wanted to win and take to the Golden Nugget HORSE event the next day. After looking at the structure I opted against it and called it a night and checked into what has to be the worst hotel on the strip, the Imperial Palace. At $20 the first night and $17 the next night, as long as it has a bed, a shower and a toilet (preferably working) you can't go wrong.

Thursday I started off playing at the Bellagio. Of all the times I have been in Vegas I have never played cash there. I have only played Bellagio Cup events in the Fontana room back when I actually had money. I ended up losing $90 after I was up as much as $155 on the session. All of the old nits tilted me constantly asking to square-up the table when it was already fine. After that I wandered over to the Rio and played a $125 satellite. No cards, no luck and I was bounced with 4 people left. Next was the Venetian where I dropped $100 at 1/2 and another $100 at 4/8 HORSE. To end the night, like an idiot, I played more 1/2 at the IP and dropped another 2 buy-ins before I quit at 2am.

On Friday I opted to play the 1pm $200 deep stack event at the Rio. These events were getting 700+ entrants in the days leading up to this one but the Seniors event drew over 3k runners and was limited to 200 entrants. I played this one like a wild man, bouncing between 12k and 18k from the 15k to start through the first three levels. I ended up busting in level 4 in a set over set situation. I think it was possible to get away from it if I played it differently but its just a cooler. I was happy with the way I played. After that bustout I was dangerously low on cash. I went back to the Excalibur that night and had a +329 session which I so desperately needed.

Early Saturday afternoon I went to play at ARIA. My first attempt to find the parking garage was an epic fail. Attempt #2 was more fruitful. The poker didn't go too well and I dropped $140. Later I played yet another cash session at Excalibur and won nearly a buy-in and decided to play in their $50 Strip-n-Go tournament. You started with 3k and blinds at 100/200 weeee. I was out fast. In attempts to win the buy-in for the tournament I dropped some decent cash in the pits.

Time to cut this off for now. Next will be the last day in Vegas, a trip to Commerce in LA and some other must post items.

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