Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snuffy's Year in Review

I'm sure everyone else is gonna do one of these ghey as s year in review posts I might as well be the first to do so.So here it goes...

January started off with one of my more stupid ideas I have ever had. Play 900 double or nothing SNG's in one month and show a profit. The results can be found here. Although I didn't win as much money as I had wished it was worth the experience. I wanted to get in a ton of hands and that sure did it.

February started off good with a new season of AIPS when I finished the opening event in 4th. February was also the month I decided to try and satellite my way into the ANZPT event in Sydney, Australia. I failed in the first satellite but won my way in the second time around.

March and early April was filled with a bunch of losses in the BBT4. It took me a full 12 events to even make a points showing. I ended up piling a big loss over the run of the series.

Late April and early May was filled with my Trip to Sydney. In contrast to my trip to Macau a couple years earlier I made sure to spend plenty of time outside of the casino and catch everything the city had to offer. Poker wise I made it deep in a NLHE prelim event and a PLO prelim event, but after a total of 18 hours of play I had nothing to show for it, making the last couple of tables before the bubble burst in each event. In the Main Event I had quite a ride but ended up busting late in day one.

In July I had a Vegas trip. Played a lot of tournaments and didn't cash in a single one. After this trip I had to do some serious soul searching. I have spewed way too much money in my live in tournaments. If I can satellite in at a greatly reduced price then fine, otherwise I decided that I need to kiss tournament poker goodbye.

September was the start of something different for me. Without the ability to dump money online as I please (fuck you economy) I took the a hyper-conservative approach to online poker. I started in the /10/.20 LHE games during the awesome Take 2 promotion on Full Tilt. I have rallied on that money ever since and haven't looked back. I took that money from September 1st and have increased the online roll about 220%. I am currently playing the .25/.50 LHE games and hoe to hop up to the next level within the next 1-2 months. At some point I may get back into the online NLHE games but I'm not sure I have the stomach for that game any more.

One other important item of note in 2009 is the birth of Poker Soup. Out version of a poker podcast has had its ups and downs over its first year. We aren't cranking out the number of episodes that we used to. Hopefully when 2010 rolls around we will get back at it.

I think I have most of my 2010 poker travel plans in place. I am going to meet loser64 in St. Louis during their first ever WSOP-C event there. I am also planning on a Vegas trip in June during the WSOP. The family will be coming along so there won't be as much poker going on, but that's not all that bad. In Devember I vow to return back to Vegas for the winter gathering. After reading everyones blogs and tweets over the last couple week I WILL NOT miss another one of these again. Hopefully the rest of the Poker Soup crew will make it out there with me.

As for goals for 2010? I guess my #1 goal is to be profitable. No more dropping $300 on a tournament. When I hit up these places I need to only play the cash games and not chase the big tournament score. GL me.


  1. It was nice to see you over the summer, and thanks for having me as a guest on the PokerSoup podcast!

    You definitely need to be in Vegas next December :-)

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