Friday, May 1, 2009

Main Event Recap

I laughed, I cried, I busted. That about sums it up. 20k in chips and one hour levels. Day one was scheduled for 9 levels. I made 8 of them.

At my starting table was a nice lady in the one seat. She was a solid player. The three seat turned out to be a terrible local. I can't even remember the four seat. Seat 5 was Chris Levicq. He goes by pokerdomeAA online. He won like 7 seats to this thing. Seat 6 was a lady I played an interesting hand with. Seat 7 was a Scandi looking dude. 8 and 8 were non-descript and 10 was an interesting player I played two hands with.

Early on I was able to build up a stack with zero risk. I won about 5k in the first pot of the day. I called a bet with A10cc and saw a flop with two crubs. Chris Levicq c-bet, seat 10 called and I called. Turn is a brick and it goes check check check. I hit the nut flush on the river. Seat 10 leads for about 2k or so. I raise it up to 5500 and eventually he folds Q7cc face up.

I end up working my stack up to around 35k when I take the rest of seat 10's chips. I have A3cc and limp. Flop comes K103cc and I lead into the pot and seat 10 calls. Turn is the 7c. Checked to me and I bet about 1/2 pot. River Q. Seat 10 now leads for around 3k. I put him in for his last 6k behind or so and he tanks forever and finally calls. I show him the nuts and he mucks and leaves.

In the second level (before I bust seat 10) I get in an interesting hand. Lady in seat 1 raises and I call with AJ. Seat 3 calls and we see a flop 3 handed. Flop J,5,4. Seat 1 leads for about 700, I raise to 2200, seat 3 flats and now seat 1 puts in a 3bet to about 6k. I fold and seat 3 ends up getting the last of his chips in. She has 55 for the set and the other guy had the same hand as me AJ. He busts and just like that she has 40k. I always have to work my stack and others go crazy with top top and double someone.

In the second level Jamie Pickering gets moved to my immediate left. Just fucking great. I think he opened the first 5 pots after he sat down and won all of them. I know he is obviously opening light which should have played into this hand. I have 55 on the button. Folds to the lady in seat 1 and she raises to 525 when we were playing 75/150. I flat on the button and Jamie raises to 2000. Seat one flats and I muck. Knowing his range I think this should be an easy call. I was just scared of seat 1. Flop comes J,8,5. FML. Jamie leads for 5k and takes the pot. There was some lost chips there. I ended up with 36k at the first break.

In level 3 Jamie on my left kept me in check the whole way and I ended with 34k. Level four was much of the same for the most part. I was able to get the stack to around 40k when the last hand before the break the lady in the 6 seat raises to 700. I call in position with AKhh. Heads up flop comes AJ6ssh. I call her 1500 cbet. Turn is a very interesting 6h. She leads for 3k. If she has AA in this spot god bless her. I put in a raise enough to put her all-in for 10k more. When she tanks and says really I know I have at least a chop and am freerolling for the whole thing. After quite some time she ends up calling with QQ. What? I ended up catching the unnecessary flush on the river and at the end of level 4 I am all the way up to 63k.

I the 5th level I start opening up lighter. I raise 105cc (crubs always get there right?) and the short stack calls. Flop is A high ragged and he calls. I am done with the hand until the 2nd crub hits the turn. I bet again and he calls leaving 2200 behind. River bricks off and I ask how much he had and put him all-in. He actually thought before calling with A9 and I double him up. After the hand I was down to around 53k.

Next big hand was against Chris Levicq when I raise to 800 with QQ. He raises to 2200 and I 4bet to 6200. He ships and I barely have him covered. I fold my hand face up and he shows me a single ace. 100% there is another one under there. When he showed the one he didn't have to hunt for it. Down to 45k.

Right before the break Jamie is shoving 10k all-in about 80% of his hands. He wants to build a stack or go. He shows J7 off 62 soooted etc. Last hand before dinner break an EP player raises to 1200 and I flat on the button with AQ. Jamie ships 13k form the SB. BB tanks and eventually folds what he said was JJ. Don't know how you do that there. Original raiser folds and I have a pretty easy call. He wakes up with AK. I turn a 4flush draw but miss and am down to 27k at the break.

Level 7 I stayed steady. Level 8 comes and a crasian lady in her 20's is moved to our table. She is winning playing the aggro monkey which leads to my demise eventually. I raise 76ss and get called by her. Flop comes AK10hh. I cbet and she raises. I call and float. Turn is a 6. I check and she bets. I seriously thought about calling here and trying to take it away on the river. I think better and fold. She shows Q9hh for nothing but a draw.

About three hands later she raises to 2400 again and I call out of position with KJ. Flop K75hh. I check call her 500 cbet fully intending to get it all-in on a non-ace turn. Turn is a 8. I check and she fires 15k which has be covered. Didn't take me long to call and she shows AQhh. River 3h. Fuck me. I win that pot I am back north of 40k and in great shape with one level to go in the night.

Oh well, all I can do is go with my read there and I was correct as an approximately 76% favorite. Thanks everyone for the sweat and the well wishes. Time to take a few days weeks or months off of poker.