Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two Interesting Live Sessions

Last Wednesday and Thursday I was able to play live sessions. On Wednesday I was seated at a table that just opened and started in the small blind. Three people limp in front of me and I complete with 33 and the bb checks. Flop J83 rainbow. I lead for $5 and everyone folds. Next hand on the button I pick-up presto and limp after a couple limpers. Flop 985dd. Checks to me and I bet $5 and get 2 callers. Turn is a brick and I bet $15 and take it down. Two hands, two sets, little action. I fold the next hand and the one after that I have 22 in the hijack. Couple limpers and I limp. Flop J33 and it gets checked around to me and I bet $6 and get 1 caller. Turn 2. Checked to me and I bet $12 and take it down. 4 hands, 2 sets, 1 boat and a total profit of $24. The session was pretty boring after that and I shut it down after about 2 hours. I ended with a profit of $85.

On Christmas eve they had a high hand promotion going all day. High hand every 15 minutes wins $300. When I got there around 4:30 every table was being used, around 30 in total. The 2/5 list had around 50 on the wait list, 1/2 had 40, 2/4 had 25 and 1/1 had 60. I put my name on the list for 1/2 and 2/4. The 1/2 list was moving pretty fast and I was #12 on the list pretty quickly, then the open seats died. Before I was called the 2/4 list was cleared so I sat. I ended up playing about 30 mins and never even came close to winning a pot and dropped $40. I gave up and moved over to a 1/2 table.

I bought in for the $100 max (when are they ever going to change that). I actually do like the $100 max buy-in though. I had another $20 in my pocket and kept topping off to $100 if I entered a pot and folded. After about 10 minutes our table dropped to 4 people and it broke. I was able to get an immediate seat at another table though. This would be a very good table change. There was what I considered on one solid player in the game, 2 other very tight players and the rest were pretty bad. In other words your standard table there. I had $120 in front of me when I played Q10ss for a limp in a straddle pot. The solid player at the table was the straddle. He was having a pretty rough go of it in the time I was at the table, getting sucked out on left and right. After about 4 limpers he raised out of the straddle to $11 and I called along with all of the limpers. We went to the flop 5 or 6 handed and it came A,J,9. Straddle leads for $15 and I am to only caller. I hit broadway with the K on the turn. Straddle leads for $15 again and I raise it up to $40 and he calls. The river is a brick. He checks and I ship my last $50 or so. He took about a minute or so and called and I got the full double to around $240. He later said he flopped two pair.

Here is the interesting hand of the night. The room has a bad beat jackpot for quad jacks or better beaten. The jackpot was at $38k. The solid player in the game raised to $15, I folded and two others called. Flop come 10s10c3h, suits are important. The hand gets checked around. Turn is the 7s. Checked to solid player who bets $15 and both players call. River is the Js. First to act leads for $20, next to act raises to $50. Solid player ships all of his chips in who has both covered. 1st player thinks and folds what he said was a straight. Next guy Phil Hellmith snap calls all of his chips in and shows 9s8s for the straight flush. Solid player had 1010 for flopped quads. We missed the bad bead jackpot by just that little bit. The really bad thing is that the qualifier dropped to quad 10's two days later. The additional bad luck for the solid player is getting quad 10's and not even winning the high hand for the 15 minutes. Solid player was a very good sport about it, even though the guy with the straight flush WOULD NOT SHUT UP.

The good thing about the guy who won the hands was a terrible player and now had $500 on the table. I stayed until he left. I ended up booking a small profit of $41 over about 3 hours. Two decent sessions for me after not playing live for a couple of months. I hope to get out twice this next week as well.

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