Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Run Good Activated

Just by saying those words I have probably flipped the doomswitch but oh well. I am on the road in Houston this week. When I'm on the laptop I can 4 table with no overlap but anything over that reading the HUD gets difficult. Instead this week I decided to take a few days away from the cash games and play some satellites.

Monday night I decided to hop on Stars. After reading what pointledge did playing the Megapath to the PCA I decided to give it a try. The jist of the Megapath is to play a series of 10 satellites. I bought into the first round with 75 fpps. If you won you get a seat into a 200 fpp round two tournament. Step one was one of those 500 chip hyper-turbos. Levels are 2 minutes long and start at 25/50. before the blinds got to me a second time I had JJ and doubled. From there I called short stacks in the blinds when it was less than one more bet and I advances. I was immediately registered for the second round which was already 10 minutes in. This tourney had a fantastic structure. You get 1500 chips with 10 minute levels. Blinds were very slow in moving up. At the end of hour one blinds were at 40/80.

At my opening table it was a shovefest early. Someone went from 1500 to 5k to out all within 10 minutes. He shoved every hand. After he was gone I picked-up AK and shoved over a raise. I was called by KJ and got the double. I hung on till the 25/50 level when I had 57 in the sb. There were two limpers and I completed. BB made the min-raise, call, call and I called. Flop come 346. I check raised the BB's 200 cbet to 600 and he was the only caller. I shipped the 6 turn and got a fold. I think I only played about 4 hands after that, shipping AK 2-3 more times and KK once and advanced to round three. Here is where it sucks now. Round three and four are both hyper-turbos! So I have a 3/1 lottery shot in each. Round five isn't much better. It has 5 minute levels and 1k in chips. Blinds increase pretty fast. Finally in round 6 (which is where pointledge is) has a good structure. Rounds 3-6 are all on Saturday.

Last night I decided to play one of the 1/4 million satellites on Stars. $2.20 buyin for an $11 seat and it ended up giving away 12 seats. I was at or near the top of the chip counts most of the way and was able to win a seat. I unregistered and took the T$. I will use $5.50 of it for AIPS tonight which is Badugi. That outta be fun. I may play $1 double or nothings with the rest of the money.

Today after work I fires up Full Tilt as the FTOPS series starts today. I was looking for some FPP satellites to play in. I found a 6-max SNG for 750 fpps. 1st one the seat worth $22 and 2nd got 100 fpps back. I ended up winning the seat. Nothing too spectacular in that one. The $20 6max NLHE event starts at the same time as AIPS tonight. I decided to unregister as I am by far anywhere near a decent 6max player. I will probably use it for more satellites or maybe a alter event. When I unregister and look at by cashier I see that I didn't get T$. I got the equivalent in FPP's back in my account. I see that when I try and register again I can use FPP's to get in. I imagine that would kill my rakeback though. Guess I will keep the FPP's.

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  1. Cool... I look forward to your company in the Bahamas...

    - PointLedge