Thursday, December 10, 2009

$2.20 --> $T11 --> $9.52


I'm not completely happy with the amount I won with the T$ but I really can't complain either. I finished 11th in AIPS Badugi last night for a min cash. It was the first time I have played Badugi in about six months. I listened to the Ante Up interview of Greg Raymer and it helped quite a bit. After getting into the tournament a little bet I could tell the betting thought process is exactly the same as 2-7 Triple Draw. We did a Skype call last night and it was good talking to Gambit and confirming some of our thought processes.

The tournament went pretty well. 1500 chips to start and in the first level I was able to build up to 2200 fairly quick. I did hit a wheel once after the first draw but didn't get any action. Going into the second and third levels I bounced around quite a bit. Lose a pot and go down to 1300 win a pot and get back to 2000. At the first break I was somewhere in the middle of the pack of around 45 players remaining or so. The second hour flew by pretty quickly and when we were down to 22 players with 12 getting paid I was sitting in 21st, unable to build a stack and just able to tread water. Shortly after I was able to triple-up when I was dealt a pat 10 low and got action from a J low and someone else drawing. I think I doubled up one more time before the bubble burst. When it burst I was sitting around 8th place or so. My last hand I had a 9 low after the first draw and was all-in but was outdrawn.

Throughout the whole tournament I think I limped maybe once when I was short and that's about it. Every other time I played a hand I called a raise or opened for a raise. I folded all of my good 2 card hands. I would open or call a raise with a 3 card low of 7 or better. If I would raise some of my worse 3 card lows and was called it was time to tread lightly. If I didn't improve and checked after the first or second draw I would just pitch it bet into. I would have to hit my hand at that point and even if my opponent was on a draw it was certain that they had a better 3 card hand than I did.


I also played in the AIPS second chance last night and ended up the bubble boy in 4th. I definitely didn't give it as much attention as needed since I was still in the other tourney. I also used up the rest of my tourney dollars by playing 4 $1 double or nothings. I ended up only winning in one of those and bubbled in 6th in two others.


How sick is this person? I was reading an article on PokerNews and saw his results vs some of the top players:

Who’s winning against Isildur1? Hastings (+$3.84 million), Ivey (+$2.91 million), Antonius (+$2.18 million), and Townsend (+1.32 million).

Who’s losing against Isildur1? Dwan (-$5.52 million), David Benyamine (-$560,000), and Sahamies (-$120,000)

Some sick shit indeed. Read the whole article here.

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