Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flip It

Poker.  It's all skill.  Yeah it is. 

That's what we tell ourselves when we dominate those fish. 

When the fish get lucky and stack our chips we say things like, "If it weren't for luck I would win them all."  Or so I hear.

So, explain to me why we get such a kick out of flipping?

Oh don't you get all on your high horse and say you've never done it.  We have all done it.

Heck, we used to have a weekly event called "All in or Fold".  Yeah, we used to play a tournament where your only choice was to go all in or fold.  The suckouts were brutal.  Brutal!  And, when we were out of the event, we would go sit a a nickel/dime NL table and play all in or fold cash game with the minimum buyin.  We would tilt a table so fast.  Then, some players would figure out what we were doing and actually voluntarily sit down to donk it up with us.  Let's be real.  We were only flipping for a couple of dollars at a time and we were feeling like degenerates.

When Poker After Dark decides to run a week of cash game instead of the usual one table tournament I get excited.  High Stakes Poker just doesn't run long enough to satisfy my cash game cravings.  The past week I've been watching Antonius, Negreanu, Hansen, Ivey, Dwan and Hellmuth duke it out. 

The craziness was kicked up a notch when they started 'flipping' for 100k.  That's right, these professional poker players were 'flipping' for 100,000 dollars.  ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.  These nosebleed stakes make my head spin. 

You have to wonder, after reading all about these crazy pots being played online, if these guys practice any kind of bankroll management.  I could easily afford to lose a few bucks flipping for $2 at a time.  I just can't fathom doing it for 100k. 

Don't even get me started on all the prop betting and cross booking going on.  I guess these guys are just old fashioned gamblers and I'm just a poker player.

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